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    Ret and Heroic Sha of Fear

    Recently we have been pulling sha of fear and I am finding my damage to be a little low. I have been going over logs on worldoflogs for other ret pallys that killed this fight and I think its mostly due to my wonderful 496 axe that I am lower than them. I find that most of them are on the low end compared to other classes, but I was wondering what little tricks you guys have. I was running holy avenger because I thought the later add waves I would just use those 3 holy power for divine storms, but now I see many using sanctified wrath. I am running execution sentence as well because add time in hammer of light is just not good enough to justify it. Are there any little tricks that a ret has picked up to stay over 90k dps any help is appreciated just trying to see what this community has on it.

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    How much DPS are you doing according to your own Skada/recount output? WoL is very unreliable on Sha of Fear due to the way that the combat logs on the platforms are not shared with the rest of the raid.
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    I don't reset from phase 1 to phase 2 so it would be wrong. During phase 2 I am always in range of the logs.

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    I never play ret, but couldn't holy prism be a decent choice for cleaving purposes? I know it is for protection at least.

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    As a Ret for the fight you will mainly be damage dealer to the boss in P2. Do not expect to be top when it comes to Dread Spawns (unless you really make it your sole focus and use Seal of Righteousness and have not a care in the world about the boss), but you can can still be somewhat competitive. Ever since my first kill I have stuck with Divine Purpose. It is RNG related, but when you need to AoE adds down, those back to back procs on Divine Storm is delicious. Never used Light's Hammer, but again, your focus is more on boss so ES is good there for progression. Also when using Hammer of the Righteous to cleave adds when they are near the boss, the adds have to be at least within his red targetting circle to get hit by the splash.

    First kill I never started to AoE adds until the first set of three adds starting coming in, focusing more on boss damage until then. Usually was in the top 3 for damage done to boss only in P2. Hand of Purity is a big help too for Huddles if not Huddled yourself. Not a damage increase, but raid utility to help healers.

    Having the fight on farm for several weeks I still go Divine Purpose and have been trying to rank (requires padding and logging yourself, but I am lazy to log myself). Got rank 21 (25m) this week. Not counting the Asians, that makes it around 7th-8th rank. Getting Huddled also is RNG and will effect your DPS, especially if its during the higher set of add spawns.

    Edit: Also remember to save your 2nd Guardian after the first pull in P1 as you enter P2 transition so you can pop it under the 3 second grace period where it will reset again. This applies for Avenging Wrath. Under Lei Shi's Hope, I use my last Avenging Wrath, if its availible, when the boss is ~ 75%+ in P1. It should usually be up before transition to P2 (If you have T14 4p) so you can use it with that 2nd Guardian, and they both will reset 3 seconds after into transition. You then can use them again after his first Submerge, but watch timers for Huddles as it sucks to get Huddled under CDs if not aware. Stacking 2 Guardians does not apply 2 seperate stacks of Ancient Power.
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    Awesome! I didn't know that you can pop stuff in the grace period and it will still reset. I was under the assumption that anything used in phase 2 would go on cd.

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    We have an established thread entitled [Ret] Fix my DPS!. I'll ask you to take any further questions you may have there!
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