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    Windwalker prep for 5.2

    In general what are we looking at stat wise for 5.2?

    Also is there anything we should be getting in prep for 5.2? Stocking up on certain gems, different enchants from what we have now?

    I want to be shopping and ready on patch day as I'm sure a lot of us want to be ahead of the game.

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    - Haste soft cap will increase, but not by too much.
    - I did a bit of LFR testing for stats etc. Obviously they were scaled down, but at 480 item level I had around 4800 haste, 30% crit, and 2.4% mastery the first time around. I did very well, came to around 90-95K upon average. Swapped out the crit for mastery - comparable results of around 90-100K sustained. We will definitely be looking at mastery becoming stronger than crit, except in a Patchwerk situation. Note that this is single-target - I did not test SEF numbers, but keep in mind they benefit from TeB.
    - On the other hand, I also think it will turn into a preference thing. Math also shows that crit > mastery at lower values of haste, but I think playstyle may come into it as well. That being said - I believe that we will still want to carry a certain amount of mastery and crit. However, our base amount of mastery right now seems to be "good enough" per se. That, and lots of leather is already crit/mastery or haste/mastery. Stat balancing will be pretty simple, overall.
    - Overall, this patch is going to be really awesome for us.
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    Mastery is going to be grand for PvP next patch

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