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    Best warlock solo spec?

    So guys, I just hit 90 on my lock, atm i'm destro / afflic, with afflic as my main dps spec for instances.

    Problem is, Ive always been a soloer, but have no idea what the best spec would be to start soloing instances, i'm looking to solo as much as possible.

    Any advice would be well appreciated



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    Demonology. Best solo spec EU
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    I like destruction burst and aoe for soloing (with exception of Kael'thas which I farm using affliction). Anyway I hear that demo is good, but still I cannot manage to make myself play it (imo demo is boring).

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    all specs perform at lower levels, Demo due to AOE damage and Destro due to burst and healing, but Affliction has the niche ability of Soulburn:Health Funnel, meaning for bosses who obliterate you and your pet in a few hits, Affliction is the only choice.
    -in 5 man dungeons, Arms Warriors again are the weakest link in the chain as they require 3X amount of healing as other classes and therefore die much more frequently and receive less healing in general, as with the amount of mana spent to keep an Arms Warrior alive the healer can heal all other members and himself.

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    I haven't done anything with destruction, but from my experience, affliction is the best for basic soloing. Soloing as demonology is also good, but you play a little more like a tank, killing lots of things at once, and it is strongest if you can kill lots of things quickly since killing blows can keep you in demon form permanently. The burst AoE of demonology is quite powerful. The carrion swarm interrupt can be very useful in some places, too. The dark apotheosis glyph can be handy if you want to be able to take a few hits.

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    For serious lock soloing you may wanna check out this thread.


    In terms of soloing ability it would be Affliction..> Destruction...............>Demonology

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