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    Tauren vs. Blood Elf

    Just a fun little comparison thread. I know it's an expansion late but whatever!

    What race is your Horde Paladin?

    I'm a Tauren.

    Feel free to explain why!
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    I use tauren because they are big and I think they look cooler. Also I cant stand that the male belf left arm bends backwards, but that is just my little issue with that. Also I really like the ret bull joke.
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    Obviously Female BElf. Gotta look sexy.

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    Blood Elf.

    I dislike Tauren Paladins, never felt right.

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    Only went Tauren because you could barely see my challenge mode gear on a Female Blood Elf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiea View Post
    Blood Elf.

    I dislike Tauren Paladins, never felt right.
    Eh, Tauren feels just as good as Blood Elf Paladins I'd say.

    Personally better.

    With that, naturally I prefer Tauren and spent about a Year as one and enjoyed my time. Couldn't keep away from Human though!
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    Blood Elf because I made him before Tauren Paladins and I refuse to give them money to change.

  8. #8 some number fyi

    80% bloodelf 20% tauren (thought it were more bolld elf)

    playing a bloodelf also for myself

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    - Was blood elf before there was a choice and I've grown fond of it
    - Tiny petite little belf females tanking dragons amuses me
    - Both their racials are fairly meh, but there will come a time - even if it's only once a tier - when the extra interrupt totally saves your ass at a clutch moment. Whereas most of the stuff you find in a raid is immune to warstomp & the tauren hp boost is pretty miniscule now it works off base hp

    Downside of belves, especially female ones, is that tiny little petite tanks are harder for other people to see and adjust around. I spend most of my raids with a green arrow on my head so they can see where I am with the bear's backside in the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revvo View Post
    Obviously Female BElf. Gotta look sexy.
    - Tiny petite little belf females tanking dragons amuses me
    This sums it up. ^^

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    Blood Elf. Mostly because I don't like Tauren. I'd probably race-change my other Tauren alts if it didn't cost money.

    I also find the Belf AoE Silence/Interrupt more useful then the AoE stun.

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    I went with Blood Elf. Tauren is just one of those races that I like the general feel of, but can't push myself to play. Other one of those races is dwarf. And I honestly can't tell why...

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    Always the Tauren, grittier than the feminine race the Blood Elves...

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    Belf, cows should go back hugging trees and eating grass >:P

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    belf, easily

    stam bonus sucks and warstomp drs with hoj

    plus tauren are really ugly in contrast. triple the bad!
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    Tauren cannot fit through most gate-ways in the game while mounted. Try to get into Undercity as a Tauren while mounted without dismounting. Also Arcane Torrent > Warstomp.
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    male belf because i created him in tbc

    wouldn't make a tauren even if i had the chance.

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    If i would go horde, i would choosing a tauren. Belfs have sick animations.

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    Blood Elf.

    For three reasons: The lore, the Enchanting racial, and the smug looks on their faces. It's just like they don't give a shit about you.

    And Lor'themar's recent acts of badassery have only fueled my love for these fancy fellas

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    The Unstoppable Force Adam Jensen's Avatar
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    Female Blood Elf Paladin.

    I had a tauren druid and race changed to troll the moment that became available. I cannot stand the size of tauren on my screen. Never really liked the idea of a Tauren paladin either. I understand the justification for it, but it still just doesn't seem right.
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