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    Prot Paladin - Haste Priority changed in 5.2 ???

    I read in GC's tweets that they have plans to make changes so that Prot Pallies don't ignore the "ideal tanking" secondary stats such as dodge, mastery, parry etc.
    Has this already been slotted for 5.2 ?.
    I don't see anything regarding this in the official patch notes and also if someone has a better idea as to what the planned change is ..please do link or throw some light on it

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    Haste priority will not change, only thing that will change dodge and parry giving GC procs

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    It's not a change to make us "not ignore" D/P, per se. It's more of a change to make the avoidance we can't avoid (hurr hurr) less of a "detriment" or "waste". Internal build for 5.2 has GC AS proc'ing of off CS/HotR still (at a decreased % chance) as well as successful dodges and parries. However, that build is [currently] not available on PTR for testing of said proc chances.

    Also, we never ignored mastery. It's still THE best pure tank stat for prot paladins. The issue is all the "fringe benefits" that haste provides which serves to make it our ideal stat.

    5.2 will still be Stam* > 15Expertise/7.5Hit > Haste > Mastery > Parry=Dodge > Crit
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    To early to tell which stat priority will be the best in 5.2. Depends on the bosses. My first guess though is that atleast for 10 man haste will still be king.
    Haste will for sure be more valuable than dodge and parry. We will still avoid dodge and parry as much as we can, the only difference is that the dodge and parry that we can not avoid just went from the pile of shit my roommate drops in the bathroom (its bad), to a pile of donkey manure.

    Probably gonna see the good old hit>exp>haste>mastery>stamina>crit>str>dodge>parry. Though that is just a first guess we will have to wait and see.

    To be completely honest, I have not even looked at any PTR footage so I have no idea what to expect from the bosses in terms of encounter design.
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    they changethis back and AS still proccs from cs/ hotr but with lower chance , also its proccs from dodge/parry an attack

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