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    Elemental shaman 2pc t14

    So i just got the head token off normal Sha of Fear and already had the shoulders. But... i have an 2/2 upgraded 510 helm off Stone Guardians HC. Is it worth to lose the stats of my current helmet in favor of gaining the 5% increased damage on LB?

    Heres my armory btw http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...A%D1%81/simple
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    Im not a math expert, but i do not think it is worth it.

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    It's a 900~ DPS loss if you swap your headpiece. Keep it as it is now.

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    I hope im not ninjaing, since his qn is already answered. My question is roughly similar.

    Basically, I have 3 pieces of T14, all LFR. I can make the 4 set as I have got the chest token. However, I already have a normal mode chest (iLevel 504) on it.

    Is it worth downgrading that 504 chest to a LFR 483 tier chest so I can get the 4pc bonus?

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    Could you link me your Armory profile?

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    Appreciate the help!


    (My gloves are resto as they are normal iLevel 496. got lucky on Sha of Anger).

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