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    Eye of the Black Prince in 5.2

    This is what i don't understand

    " Sha-Touched Weapons will not be available in the new Raid tier but will still be available from previous Raids. "

    " Eye of the Black Prince will be able to be used on new Epic Weapons "

    " Eye of the Black Prince --- Add a prismatic socket to a Sha-Touched weapon.

    So if sha touched weapons will not be available in 5.2 , and eye of the black prince only works on sha touched weapons , who came up with an idea that it will be useable on the new weapons that are coming in 5.2?

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    Easy to fix the text on an item, dont you think?
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    It's probably a response to community feedback, who are annoyed that all the hard work they've done in 5.0/5.1 is negated because there's no more sha-touched weapons. So this is a compromise: you can't use the gem, but you can use the prismatic gem slot on new weapons.

    Works for me.

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    thy should change it so that adds a "sha touched" socket. So that 1 its a money sink and 2 it doesn't make the build of the quest so far worthless.

    Seriosuly how is "adding" a socket to the weapons any different then if they simply just came with one. Adding a major socket like the sha touched provides a larger boost to people who have stuck with it.

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