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    Top 40US 25m ROGUE returning for 5.2 very experianced and high parsing

    New Rogue raid cd in 5.2 •Smoke Bomb now reduces damage taken by allies in the area of effect by 20%, in addition to current effects. Rogues will be more valuable than ever before and you are going to want a well experianced high parsing player.

    Hey everyone, please read I am currently returning to play after a few month absence taken to finish school. Ive been raiding for quite some time, since vannilla!, and im currently looking at investing alot of time come 5.2! I was in a top 40US 25 man guild in Cata, Immortai of Lightning's Blade, where I held approx 22 rankings on Cata bosses, every new boss during the begining Mist progression, and was Rank 1 US combat Rogue on Heroic Ragnaros. world of logs /rankings/players/Firelands/Ragnaros/25H/Combat_Rogue/ My current raid experiance is only 2/16H but I will get into more of that later. Here is my current raidbos /epeenbot/us/lightning%27s%20blade/latinoheatt/ please look me up if you cannot figure out the link. After my guild Immortai transfered from Lightning's Blade to Arygos i took some time off to finish my degree and am just now getting back into wow. As of right now my gear is far behind and only represents the begining of the expansion. I do, however, do my best to obtain every upgrade possible to maximize my character when raiding, either from lfr, crafted gear, or heroics. I also try and aquire two sets of gear, one for combat and one for assasination so as to maximize the best gear for the best spec for each fight. I have been playing rogue for many years and have a lot of raid experiance playing melee dps. I started raiding in Vanilla wow on my druid. It was my frist raiding experiance and looking back i began quite badly but i learned a lot about raiding and wow in those early days. We went on to clear Molten Core, Onyxia's lair, some of the emerald dream dragons and were into BWL when BC was released. In BC I cleared all content, pre nerf and with attunments, up to twins in sunwell. In Wrath i cleared Naxx, Ulduar, and Togc, with hardmodes both 10 and 25 then was hacked and quit the game for a while. I came back during Icc and killed the lich king with well behind gear just before the launch of cata. In Cata i raided with Nonpareils of Sen'jin from BoT and BwD and into firelands untill they could no longer support a 25 man roster and dropped to 10 man. For Dragon soul i joined Immortai of Lightning's Blade where the guild finished US 36th 25man and there i stayed into mists raiding on the beta whenever the raids became available. We got a few hardmodes down in the top 100 before the guild decided to transfer to Arygos. It was then i decided to take a break to finish college. I spend quite a bit of time online and am active in openraid community /users/index/2501I (or look me up) also have a 90 mage, 85 druid, dk, and paladin, all of which i have heroic raid experiance on. imigur screen shot /IlAyglW My Ui, essential addons- Action bar addons, such as dominos, as well as rogue power bars and tell me when, x-pearl, grid, gtfo, deadly bossmods, mik battle text, energy watch, and tidy plates. Please ask any questions you may have here and I will respond to them when I can or we can speak in mumble/vent- cheers

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    would consider going horde

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    upping for interest

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