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    [H]25 3/16H Looking for core raiders

    <Methodical> (PVE Arygos) is recruiting for 25 man raids. We raid three nights a week on the EST time schedule.

    Currently Recruiting:
    -Ranged DPS

    Raid times:
    Tues, Thursday: 8pm-11pm EST
    Sunday: 8pm-11pm EST (cleanup day)

    What is Methodical?
    Methodical is more than a guild name. It is an expectation of our raiders, our officers, and our guild as a whole. We know we can advance progression on a casual schedule by applying knowledge, research, and a structured raid environment.

    Methodical was established in 2006 on the realm Arygos. While well-known on the server for our realm first achievements and our push for progression, the guild decided to take a break between the end of Cata and current progression. We have the majority of our core back, the same players that helped to push our US guild rank to 164 in tier 12, our realm first achievements… and we’re searching for others who have fell by the wayside or to the dreaded 10 man raiding that we so detest. While other guilds are disbanding, we have seen our numbers increase. We are opening recruitment now.

    What are we looking for?
    -Players who love competition. We are very competitive with others on our realm and within our own guild. We want you to enjoy that competition so you can push to be a better player.
    -Players with a successful history of raiding
    -Players who research, check forums, check world of logs to see if they are being competitive within their class, and know the fight before we pull the boss for the first time.
    -You must have good raid awareness.
    -Must be able to commit to the raid times.
    -Take responsibility for your actions.

    Feel free to add us on real id:

    Website: methodical-gaming.enjin.com
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    Currently 4/16H, looking for skilled Ranged DPS and a healer!

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