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    10/16H <Intent> Recuiting 1-2 DPS for 5.2

    Intent of US-Korgath Horde, 10 man raiding Guild

    For the next 2 weeks in preparation for Throne of Thunder, we are accepting all DPS classes to see what it takes to be a part our ranks.

    This group consists of Top USA/World players from previous guilds in the past that came together to just have a fun (but serious) raiding environment for MoP. The core of the group has only been together for little over a month and we have managed to down 10/16h.

    MSV: 6/6H
    HoF: 4/6H
    ToES: 4/4N

    SPriest with Disc OS (HIGH PRIORITY)
    Exceptional DPS (HIGH PRIORITY)

    Regardless of what our needs are, we always except exceptional applicants and will make the necessary room for them.

    RAID TIMES: Tues, Wed, Thurs 8pm - 11pm CENTRAL
    We may pick up an additional raid day(typically Monday) depending on progression for any given week.

    <Intent> (Level 25) consists of people who have years of raiding experience in competitive guilds, and our goal is to create a fun yet professional raiding environment for people who enjoy raiding. We also encourage PVP outside of our raiding schedule because it enhances our raiders' situational awareness.

    We are looking for players who know their class in and out, while being humble and able to take constructive criticism from other players. We expect our raiders to not only perform up to par with their current gear level, but go above and beyond to be competitive.

    We hold a 12 person raid roster. This allows for unforeseen absences and good competition for spots. We still require a high attendance rate to raid.

    Also, socials are welcome to join. We also put together alt runs every week, typically on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Contact us at:
    Godlike#1232 (my battletag, this is preferable)
    or get in touch with Dreadbone ingame

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