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    Thanks for the answers guys , yeah maybe he slipped when no one was around . I thought it might of been a bad dream of the room since the night when i wrote this and left him out of the living room he came into my room and slept but i noticed he was growling and twitching in his sleep . Oh well, hopefully he gets passed it.

    And the remark about the horror movie made me laugh because i thought so too when he was looking at things that weren't there and followed them with his eyes. And for the person who asked what kind of dog it is, it's not any breed. Just a normal dog i picked up years ago as a puppy from the street.

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    Is this an older dog? He may have some joint problems going on if he doesn't like to walk around or hesitates on the hardwood part of the floor. Or as others have said, he might have a bruise or something that makes it uncomfortable to walk on that floor. Might be worth getting him checked by a vet. If it's something like arthritis, they can give him medication to help with it.

    Or he had some kind of bad experience in there like slipping or whatever. My dog still loves to go for car rides, but he won't get anywhere near the window and will very rarely stick his face out the window anymore. I accidentally rolled the passenger side window up on his nose once while he was sticking his face out the window (complete accident; it was dark, and I thought he was inside). I don't think it hurt him, but I know it scared him. This was several years ago. He stuck his face out the window Beethoven style the other day, so hopefully he's getting over it. But yeah, dogs don't forget shit like that.
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