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    [A]The [email protected] (>6 years): 25 m at 3n/w, currently heroic progression

    The Zoo [A] is 25 man raiding guild that has been around for more than 6 years. We focus on efficient 25-man raiding at “non-hardcore” raiding hours (3 evenings/week). Our raid hours are slightly earlier than most guilds allowing for people to get up for work/school the next day:
    Tuesday 19.00-22.15
    Thursday 19.00-22.15
    Sunday 17.30-22.00
    (All time points are European server time and raiders are expected to be online 15 min before raid start)

    Despite these "non-hardcore" raid hours we expect preparation and dedication from our raiders. Going for quality over quantity we cleared all TBC content before the release of the WoTLK, we cleared all WoTLK normal and heroic content except LK heroic 25 before the release of Cataclysm, we cleared all Fireland except heroic Ragnaros 25 before the release of Dragon Soul. We farmed heroic 25 man Dragon Soul right to the end of Cataclysm getting the mount to all of our raiders.

    Current progress:
    Normal 25 man: Mogu'Shan Vaults: 6/6, Heart of Fear: 6/6, Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4
    Heroic 25 man: Mogu'Shan Vaults: 4/6, Heart of Fear: 2/6

    We have a +18y policy with a member age distribution from 17 - 50 y and a good mix of different European countries. Guild language is english. Good organisation and little drama.

    We are currently especially looking for:

    1-2 ranged dps
    1-2 melee dps

    Good applications will at all times be looked at irrespective of class.

    What we expect from applicants:
    -We expect you to be a mature player with some raid experience, who constantly strives to improve your toon and your play skills and who knows your class well.
    -We expect your to keep your gear optimised with proper gems, enchanted and reforged.
    -We expect you to read up on bosses and seeing videos, and to know the mechanics of your own role in the various fights
    -We expect a high attendance at raids (+85%) and that you log on in time for raid invites prepared with all the relevant consumables.
    - + 18 years of age
    More info at our webpage thezooguild.com or come in on Draenor for a chat with one of our officers

    Azzara (Azzara#2422- write a bit what it is about or I wont accept it)
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    Up again and best wishes for a happy new raiding year.

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    Holidays over - time to get serious. Bosses needs to go down :P

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    one more heroic boss down

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    LF melee dps especially

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    Tank needed, preferably paladin or DK but other tank classes will also be considered.

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    A tank in high demand. Preferable a prot paladin or DK but other tank classes should not hold back.

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    Especially interested in melee dps atm. Still open for a tank that are ready for heroic mode bosses.

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    Still very interested in melee dps

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    up and up again

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    Updated on kills
    Also looking for a tank ready for heroic progression fights

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    Tank needs to have a decent dps off-spec

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    Feb 2013
    We are still lookin for 1-2 range dps and 1-2 melee dps

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