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    Callin' all Pimp Daddeh Dekays. Guildy needs some help.

    Long Version w/ "The Story" scroll down if you're lazy
    Well I decided to have a good friend of mine join our casual raiding group as a DK DPS, and even thou we are casual I feel his numbers are extremely low compared to where his gear levels currently are. I tank on a DK myself, but I'm not extremely familiar with the rotation, so I thought I would post on here to help get him some constructive CRIT-isism and help him. I've linked him to the EJ guide for frost, and tried to offer him with helpful advice where I can but I feel as if its beyond my hands now. When I've asked him about the issue regarding the DPS I'm told its because his gear is potentially low, if this is the case I would like to know how many more pieces hes going to need before it falls into a comfortable level, I'm not expecting miracles of him, but around 65-70k would be nice so we don't have to worry about enrages. After looking over the logs with an officer of mine, it looks like hes not using obliterate at all, is this just a 2-hand only ability? Please help clarify.

    World of logs:http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r.../6/?s=32&e=450
    Spec: Frost Dual Wield

    In closing thanks for the help, myself and my guild really appreciate it.

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