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    Why is it so hard to find a good guild?

    I have been playing since mid-BC and have many great times in WoW. Since the end of Wrath I have been lost in a sea of guilds that lead to no where. I have been apart of hardcore raiding guilds, casual guilds, and even help build up new guilds. Each one after a few months all disappear.

    I find myself not wanting to log in anymore. Not because the game is dull but because the community aspect is missing for me.

    Since BC I was in a hardcore raiding guild and we were some of the first guilds to down OS3D 25man in Wrath. Later in Wrath I burnt out and went looking for a more casual gaming experiance. I started a guild with some friends but really didn't work out. I did find a nice guild but when Cata was just about to come out everyone quit because they didn't think Cata looked good.

    Cata I spent the entire expansion looking for a guild. I have switched factions 2-3 times, switched severs 5-6 times, all looking for the perfect fit. I know its alot of money but I figured if I could find a great guild its worth it. Each time I moved I had a guild in mind and checked them out before I moved. Most just didn't work out. I did find a good one for about 3 months. I was a raid leader with another guy but then Star Wars came out and the guild leaders quit. I don't know where to look anymore. I have tried MMO-Champ forums, Wow forums, just looking at wow population websites.

    I am not a bad player. I consider myself to be better then average. I know my classes and my roles for all of my toons. I am just looking for a home where I fit in. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Below is what I have been looking for...

    Mature 18+ guild
    Preferred Alliance but also love Horde
    PVE Only and if possible one that is on CST
    A guild that treats everyone as family(but also is not so close together that you feel like a outsider)
    Runs older raids
    Has a casual 10man or lfr team
    Uses vent/mumble as the main type of commuication
    Has a good time playing the game they love

    I really want to continue playing this game I love and look forward to any advise anyone has. Thanks

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    All the requests of a guild are reasonable. Have you thought about starting your own guild?
    Also if you are looking for a good server community, have a look at proudmoore (US).

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    If you wanna complain, you came to the right place. But you can't just advertise yourself here! Go do that in the Recruitment forums.

    But ya I personally think it'd be easier to find a guild that's a good fit if server transfers didn't cost so much limiting you to only be able to know what you know of the guild you're joining through what they say on their guild forums.

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    The time to rely on coattail riding is ending. Personal contribution is going to need to make a big come back if you expect the Guild quality to go up.

    People need to stop Re-Inventing the Wheel. Some of these small silly guilds need to unite if they want to accomplish anything.

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