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    [H]10<Excellence> 13/14 Looking for a Strong Ranged DPS (CORE)

    <excellence> is currently looking for a strong geared (about 535+) Ranged dps (preferred Warlock) for our CORE 10man raiding progression. we plan on downing garrosh this week and pushing into heroics. We are on US-Mal'Ganis.

    -Who we are looking for
    We are looking for a Ranged dps with 14/14N experience who has heroic experience raiding in other tiers, also who can take constructive criticism and can play their class to its highest ability. someone who strives for progression, but also likes to have fun in the process. who can also adapt to whatever they are being asked to do.

    -Raid schedule
    We raid tuesday-Thursday 830-12 Server time, and depending on the week might schedule a make-up day to kill another boss.

    For Additional information add #shadowmonkey1907 or post here.

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    bump. also we are full on hunters
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