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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    The servers would all crash with people /yelling this in the capitols.
    That would be an ignominious way for things to end. Good odds though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    After that I'd resort to certain WoW "servers" ;P
    Same here. I will play this game TO DEATH!

    By any means necessary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnarles Malarkey View Post
    Look, nerds. This is a valid question that's never been asked innocently. Didn't you sit in on the investor call? There was a flux of 400k subscribers. The game is over.

    Plan how you spend your valor NOW.
    The wowconomy is going to collapse! Enjoy the decline!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnarles Malarkey View Post
    Look, nerds. This is a valid question that's never been asked innocently. Didn't you sit in on the investor call? There was a flux of 400k subscribers. The game is over.

    Plan how you spend your valor NOW.
    Wait what's going on here? Why insults? Isn't there somewhere else you can go to try to pretend to be cool and feel better about yourself?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tzzentch View Post
    honestly what happened in BC? it's like the 60's of WoW everything is in awful colours, shit doesn't make sense and i feel like i'm trippin bawls everytime i level an alt past 58...
    Shattarath is kinda pretty but outside is a technicolor nightmare that looks like someone tied horses to the contrast slider and fired a rifle

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    Start spam queuing AV and taunting Drek outside right before he dies

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    Probably nothing. I have all my friends contact info IRL. Nothing else TO do I feel, if the servers are coming down.
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    I would resub for the last month after being off for years and on the day the servers went down, I would reminisce in trade chat about Durgular, the greatest trade troll Spirestone server ever had, with all who remember him. When the final minute counted down, I would praise God and let it be finished.
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    I would put on my T2 transmog while parking my butt in Ironforge, I started the game spending most of my times on the pillar on the bridge near the AH. So I'll spend my last time doing the exact same bringing myself nostalgia and good memories.

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    My husband and I would log in on the toons we met on, and park ourselves in IF.

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    I'd spend my final hours dancing naked in Goldshire.

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    If this happened, I would find as many people from my guild as possible that played in Vanilla and run MC, and maybe BWL. Those were some of the best times we had playing this game. The best part of those two raids was that 20-25 people can carry the other 15-20, and there were plenty of trash mobs. While most of our friends were good at the game, we had a few who were terrible. By the time AQ40 came around, we had to start cutting friends to get by the difficult bosses. Basically, MC, and BWL was more like social time than it was gaming. Chat and BS around during the trash and easy bosses, while getting serious during some of the harder bosses.

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    Pop all cool downs and refuse to go down!

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    Probably go to Silverpine (even though Cataclysm uglified it) and enjoy the last few moments of the game. Seeing Silverpine in beta was when I really had my first "Oooh' moment.

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    Contact my friends and family and tell them what I've been up to for the last 8 years

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    In 45 years when wow shuts down ill either be dead, or surely not playing. If im alive Ill come back and play it until they shut it down. Ill sit at halfhill and cry until the final server shutdown timer expires.

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    Get my old man diaper changed and put some vodka in my IV drip.

    Now it's a party, bitches.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Since Blizzard would probably throw a huge (and I mean, HUUUUGE) ceremonial closing party, I would enjoy watching that. Think flying sharks -with lazers- destroying cities, an army of LichKing clones marching trough low level zones, devastating fires all over the place, demons and infernals crashing all over Azeroth and attacking every NPC in sight... You name it

    But before that happens, I will likely have reached double my current age
    Quote Originally Posted by Furkel View Post
    There's always, ALWAYS a "huge uproar" about anything Blizz does, usually from people who either don't entirely understand the thing they're complaining about, or refuse to acknowledge that most players are perfectly okay with the current state of affairs. Whenever people complain that they don't listen to feedback it mostly means "they don't listen to ME ME ME".
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    Sitting on my Spectral Tiger infront of AH. Like I always do.
    (I really don't)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eschaton View Post
    I could be very happy knowing that Eschaton will live in Dalaran forever.
    He wouldn't though. He'd just be deleted and stop existing. Not that he really exists now either but you know what I mean. At least I hope you do because if you don't, that's a bit unhealthy. Well, have a nice day.

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