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    Question Which class suits your personality and why?

    Based on the title of this thread which class suits your personality?


    You might add some that i didn't mention

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    Strictly WoW classes?

    I'm most dominantly a mage. I value knowledge and wisdom over simple physical strength, and while I may not be as sneaky as a rogue, wicked as a warlock, pure as a priest, or as courageous as a paladin, my power is not to be underestimated. When you least expect it you may end up frozen, completely helpless. Or you may end up immolated, feeling an explosive energy build within you. Or you may find yourself transformed into a simple critter, walking around aimlessly as I obliterate your allies in a flurry of ice, fire, and arcane. I pride myself on my cunning, intelligence, and willingness to study. You can expect to be a stormwind noble, with my hands in politics and my mind on my money.
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    Battle mage/spellswords.

    Magic and melee is my style. I LOVE to learn new things and acquire more knowledge but i also enjoy a good fight evry so often and physical traits.

    As such the battle mage has ALWAYS been a draw for me.

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    Death Knight, simple, easy, noob-friendly class.

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    Destruction Warlock, by far.

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    IRL I'm pretty laid back and I like to drink..a lot, so it would be brewmaster monk for me.

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    Holy/Prot paladin or Guardian/Restoration druid.

    I want to heal and protect; make people feel good, appreciated and comfortable.

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    The Lightbringer
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    Probably Warlock. I think a lot about all possibilities, good and bad.

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    Warrior. I just feel like such a damn virile stud charging into battle, unleashing untold amounts of rage, and leaving mangled corpses in my wake.

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    Ret Paladin. A burst of energy, a frightful display of power for a bit, then I'm huffing and puffing while in the interim I'm making sure I keep people up with me.

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    Hunter cause im a loner at heart and i like shooting people in the face and letting my pet pee on your corpse

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    Restoration Shaman, I find myself able to heal other peoples problems easily without too much effort... but often forget that I'm standing in the fire and causing unnecessary damage to myself out of my kindness.

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    Warrior. It's up close and personal.

    Just how I like it.

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    Rogue, probably. While I have no problem being social, I do prefer moving silently to making noise, and I like to see and know everything that's going on with people I care about. Also, I always want to plan out anything I do, be it big or small; spontaneous action is something I don't relate well with.
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    Paladin, I always try to do the right thing and I have a strong sense of right and wrong, I'm not afraid to make clear what I believe in and I'm not intimidated by less savoury people.

    Pity I don't play a paladin xD
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    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    Death Knight. That's the class I play since it's launch too. I just like how they we're forced to do wrong things and now they are trying to repent for their "sins" and live with that guild. I kind off can relate to that! (No, I didn't mass murder people IRL )

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    Warrior: I will bring the fight to you and defeat you with superior ability, nerve and tact.

    Though I do like Monk, Mage, and Rogue quite a bit.

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    In a real fight I'd probably be cowardly and run away, so a ranged class is the obvious choice. But I don't have the intelligence for the arcane, I don't have the willpower to dominate demons or the undead, I don't have the faith of a holy healer and I most certainly am not attuned with nature well enough to go a shamanistic / druidic path.

    I guess the only logical option left for me is the hunter. Ironically enough the only WoW class I hated playing.

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    Shaman / battlemage /spellsword.. And a bit of rogue/assassin.
    And why? Because I'm a spiritual/magical warrior. But I could thrust a knife in your kidneys too. Lotsa slahes.
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