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    How the hell do we do 5000 pvp pet battles?

    If only i could make my pets STOP leveling i would be able to do level 1 pet battles all day long...

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frostfire199 View Post
    Victory Bartering
    HAHAHA well played. But OT some achievements aren't intended to be completed easily or swiftly. You'll just have to find some cheating method or put in the time.

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    Crazy thought here, but stick with me. You could try playing pvp pet battles until you will 5000 of them. Not all achievements are meant to be completed in a weekend. It will take some time, but you will eventually finish it.

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    How are we supposed to get 100,000 honorable kills? Some people just queue pvp pet battles for hours on end. There is almost no reward for this, except these achievements. You can get to 400 pet achievement points without doing this, so it doesn't matter.
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    The problem is the number of players that, once they realise they can't win, will start waiting out every single turn (30 seconds iirc before you lose the turn). Imagine taking 5 minutes to gain a single honor kill, you'd have players screaming bloody murder at something like Bloodthirsty.

    On top of that, queues for pvp pet battles are pretty lengthy at the moment, usually because they are so horribly broken few bothers with them.

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    The same way people get "of the Alliance/Horde".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeh.- View Post
    How the hell do we do 5000 pvp pet battles?
    Queue for 10 a day, 5 days a week. It will only take you 100 weeks, or about two years.
    Queue for more per week and you will get the achievement faster.

    Just like the Children's Week achievement takes three years to complete (or used to, at least)...
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