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    Tier 5 changes

    Since the forum discussing the 5.2 changes is currently overloaded with replies, I wanted to make a thread discussing the healing changes to the tier 5 shaman talents. Both AG and Conductivity are flawed when used to combat high raid damage. Conductivity for its very positional requirements and AG for its spell choice. Mostly what i see between the three is which has greater output.

    AG has been sort of the dps variant of HTT since you can use it inconjunction with your burst to provide solid healing for a short while. The flaw in this being you have to save your burst for healing and using it outside of this just isn't that great. However the changes are targeted at Resto and OS spam healing themselves. For resto I can see AG becoming use-able with the buff in certain circumstances where select individuals take high damage and everyone else does not (outside of tsulong). However by design and probably intent it will never beat HTT in flatout raid healing unless they buff it to broken levels. Furthermore this might become extremely powerful in 3s/2s for keeping people alive through bursts (especially if you all stand in SLT with the guy being sh** on). But due to the nature of how ppl set up bursts with CCs i don't think you'll be able to use it effectively outside of RBGs.

    Conductivity (the redheaded step child) This talent as its set up only has three modes. 1: useless because of the encounter's mechanics (70% of the time). 2: Not as powerful as normal raid healing spells or too much misdirected healing to stacked group. 3: OP. The talent only works well on Ultraxion like encounters were raid damage is pretty much solid and everyone is clumped up. The changes to positional requirements don't really change the mechanics of the talent. However i think we all can agree that if a lot of fights were more ultraxion style we wouldn't need buffs.

    can someone do the math and compare it to the output of HTT to see how these changes to the talents fair.

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    Well htt i think will be still best insane burst healing And benefit it doesnt need to sped more mana for that healing in other 2 talents you must spamm heals to get thesame results as htt therefore so huge mana spent

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