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    Need a new mouse/touchpad for the htpc

    I'm looking to replace the mouse on my htpc as the cord has developed a short. I am currently looking at Logitech's T620 and T650 but other devices that support windows 8 gestures would be welcome. I will be using this mainly to watch movies/tv and play some Win8 metro/modern games.

    80$ is my upper limit but 30-60$ USD would be preferred. I also have a few requirements of whatever device ends up being purchased:

    1. Must work well enough on a non standard surface such as a couch, beanbag chair, or pants leg
    2. If wireless Must have a user replaceable battery
    3. Amazon is preferred as I have a prime membership

    I'm guessing the T650 don't meet requirements 1&2 but if someone could confirm that it would be appreciated.

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    Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse $30

    friend says:

    mine tracks fine on my pant leg and my backpack.... it is a little jerky on those surfaces... but it works...2-year battery life
    2 AA batteries (pre-installed) but can run limited life off of 1.

    Another one (no experience with this one though):

    Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 with 3-Year Battery Life $38
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