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    oQueue, RBGs and horde

    Do horde even do RBG's anymore? Or do you all just countdown queue two 5 mans into randoms's??? Seriously, its fucking Wednsday....

    You cant even find Alliance going into randoms using oQeueu, its all RBGs.
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    Wtf are you talking about. I did 5 rbg games today and they were all against horde teams.

    <-- Horde player.

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    lol right, 10 randoms and all had a 5 man or 10 man horde premade.

    disclaimer: I run RBGs usually

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    I have absolutely no clue what your trying to say in this post. If horde even do rbgs anymore? How would that matter anyway? In RBGS you can meet people from the same faction as you are.

    And woooot, countdown queue two 5 mans into rbgs? hahaha this makes absolutely no sence.

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    I think s/he's trying to say horde are dominating randoms through oQ groups so we obviously don't have the playerbase or time to also do RBG's...?

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    The fact of the matter is, the Horde has embraced and utilised oQueue far better than the Alliance has at this stage. Simply look at the frame it puts on your screen, Horde are usually around 800 wins ahead of Alliance. Browsing through the oQueue list, I've seen raids, RBGs, random BGs and even 5-man dungeon runs being organised.

    I kinda get the massive angry boner some people have about oQueue. Before I used it, I hated it. But, it's better than the game's in-built random system, you get up to 4 other players that you know aren't bots, usually with a method of communication like Ventrilo, and there's a degree of vetting that you can do, at least checking for ilvls and pvp weapons.

    Whatever Blizzard is doing about bots, they're not doing it quickly or effectively enough. It's not enough to target the bot companies; and in the meanwhile, their players are suffering the effects of their indolence. Even if the situation is remedied, now, oQueue is too good an alternative to drop.
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    Whatever Blizzard is doing about bots, they're not doing it quickly or effectively enough.
    Get this. I was farming a rare mob in Kun-Lai named Scritch, was sitting there at the Dooker Dome for maybe 30 minutes. All the while this level 88 alliance hunter was killing monkeys. I took a closer look at this hunter and figured he was a bot, so I opened a ticket. I figured that it would be a day before it was answered so I decided to kill the hunter over and over.

    5 minutes later a GM contacted me and asked if I would please stop killing the hunter so that he could conduct his investigation. Lol.. I did and the GM commenced in teleporting the hunter around to see if it would disrupt his botting. It did not.

    The GM thanked me and soon the hunter disappeared. I figured he was on the way to being perma-banned.

    2 days later I saw the same hunter online farming the same monkeys in the same spot.

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    Delznope, that's because they get a 3 hour ban at first, then a day long ban followed by a three day and finally a permanent one. Thing is, if you're not getting banned for some time it actually goes down and you eventually start on a clean slate once more. So all the botters have to do is to let the account be for some time after the three day ban and they are good to go again.

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