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    My Engineer is currently sitting on 45 x Living Steel. The mount needs 30, the new pet needs 15. He's also sitting on all the Ghost Iron I need to make everything. I'm just wondering where everyone gets the idea that Stabilized Lightning Source will be a daily cooldown like Imperial Silk. On WowHead, the tooltip makes no mention of a cooldown.

    Does anyone have a source on the daily cooldown?

    Edit: It actually says it only has a 1 sec cooldown.

    The Blacksmithing ones have a daily cooldown so I assume the Engineering ones will too

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    I'm hoping the Eng mats have a non-CD version that uses spirits like Living Steel does. I've been stocking up on spirits last few weeks.

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    Stabilized Lightning Source has a 1 day cd. tested it last days , i copyed a char with full mats for the mount + pet to test it , but unfortunately the cd. also there is no spirit option like on living steel . hope they ´ll change it till patch goes live , but dont think so.

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    No Spirit option makes me cry. Had all the things ready to make it for when I got it. We can only pray they add one in last minute!

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