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    A Serious Guide to Hardcore Raiding

    I really liked this thread by Primigenia, covering some basics of raiding. In fact, I liked it so much that I was inspired to share some of my own insights from years of raiding experience.

    So, without further ado, here come the Ten Rules Of Hardcore Raiding:

    1. Turn with your keyboard. You need your mouse to click all the shiny buttons on those five hundred eleven bars of yours, anyway.

    2. PREPARE FOR THE RAID. Bring a nice big bag of cheese puffs and a crate of beer. That's right, not one or two, a *crate*. Beer is good, it helps you focus, right? Damn right!

    3. You need addons, lots of them. You seriously can't have "too many addons", that's pussy talk. DBM *and* BigWigs with all options set to max? Check. Skada *and* recount open at the same time, to see which one gives you higher numbers? Check! Three conflicting cast/cd bars with flashy color schemes? Double check, baby! If you can't see your addons under your other addons - you're getting somewhere.

    4. You a dps? Well then, your worth as a raider is directly tied to how high you rank on WoL and shizz. So stop complaining and pad those meters, bitch! A scrub looks at a fight like Protectors and sees a kill order, a REAL raider sees 3 delicious opportunities to blow the meters sky-high!

    5. You a tank or healer? DON'T TOUCH THOSE DAMN INTERRUPTS AND DISPELS! These are for losers and casuals who don't know how to heal! You wanna get ranked? Then brute force heal through everything!

    6. You gotta let people know you're *good*. So show them your results! Spam those Recount parses, that's what they're for! /g, /ra, /p /1 - it doesn't matter, as long as you let people know who is the BEST!

    7. You a raid leader? Well then, you sometimes need to recruit, and when you're recruiting, you gotta let people see you're the real deal. Make sure you indicate your guild is a H A R D C O R E raiding guild. Doesn't matter if you're ranked 7659th or whatever, harcore is about STYLE, right?

    8. Loot is for real raiders like yourself, not scrubs and noobs and fresh meat. Have a good loot system in your raids. Like, two month "trial" with no loot rights for new recruits. And some kinda "modified" point system. *And* a loot council (one person-one vote... and you're that person, eh?). After all, it's better to help your girlfriend gear her second offspec, or earn some nice $$$ from shards than waste epix by giving them to some noob, right?

    9. When dealing with other guilds, make sure you let them know you're better at *everything*. So, you downed a boss they're still "progressing" on? Lol, faceroll. They got something first? Pfft, look at that guys, noobs got lucky.

    10. You're a real raider, you know what you're talking about. Never admit you're wrong about something, because well, let's face it - you never are! There's 2 ways of playing your class: your way and the wrong way, so it's better not to waste too much time with scrubs who are doing it wrong, lest their fail rubs off on you!

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