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    Grounding Totem in PvP

    just a quick question really... Has the mechanics for grounding totem changed?
    before, I was able to see someone casting a CC at me, I could drop my grounding totem and it would eat it up (or bounce it back if graphed)
    However, last night in silvershard mines, I was running up to a cart and I saw a shaman there. I prempted the cast, and dropped grounding. Sure enough, they cast polymorphic at me but.... My grounding totem didn't eat it. I was polymorphed and my totem was still standing.

    what gives?

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    latency. It happens pretty frequently to me. Adjust your timing of grounding when it happens (i.e. drop it earlier in the cast).

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    That can happen if you are out of range of your totem.
    Being constructive feels good. You should try it.

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