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    IMO, if you ask for a port you should be willing to pay. A mage that charges for his portals is ok seen in my eyes since they are offering a service and saving you time while wasting some of his so a little remuneration seems fair.
    Now if the mage charges too much, move along as simple as that.

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    I always give them for free and mostly(something like 85% of the time) i get tipped for 20-150g. I honestly don't care if someone gives me a tip or not. The only thing I care about is if they say thank you or not.

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    I never charge, and I refuse tips. It costs me no money and maybe 60sec of my time to help a fellow player.

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    Friends and guildies get free portals anyone else is up for review depending on how they ask and/or what i am doing at that moment.

    If i'm not doing anything and i get asked nicely then sure, you get a portal with no charge and tips are gladly received but not expected.
    If you ask like a retard you will be ignored and you can fucking walk/fly/swim to wherever you want to go.

    A lot of the time i am on my Mage i will be queued for Battlegrounds and while the queue is relatively short, i don't want to leave it for someone who can not or will not ask me nicely for something they want.

    So yeah, portals are free if you ask nicely and tipping me is completely optional as it should be.

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    If you've got all the Cata portals open, and hearth set to your MoP capital, it doesn't take any time to get anywhere anymore anyway.

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    I always give free portals unless it's some powerful player who just wants to tip me.

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    I used to pay for every portal that I asked (which wasn't many) and, well, most of the time didn't ask for fee myself but only asked them to provide the rune.
    Portals used to be a really big deal and something that made Mages unique. The thing is that with there expansions traveling time has cut down significantly, so I personally wouldn't feel like asking for fee anymore. Also these days I'd say 100% of the time there's someone always in guild ready to port you and willing to do so.
    You got tabards, 15 min HS, Pandaria portals SW portals daily quest hub portals.
    TL;DR: Game has changed a lot since portals were implemented, and I personally don't accept fee anymore.

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    If i need to get somewhere urgently like theramore, I

    /2 lf port to theramore 10g.

    No mage should have to give me a free port, i don't even like to bug guildies unless they are next to me and not doing anything. You are buying a service, pay for it and stop whining

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    I miss the early wrath days when (for a few hours) I was the only mage with portal to dalaran. Made over 50k charging 500g a port. Supply and demand baby!

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    I always charged the price of a rune (was a few silver) and now that you don't need them anymore i don't charge anything. I'm not EA.

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    Depends. If I have to travel to get to them I want a small recompensation. If I don't have to travel I wont ask for money but I also wouldn't refuse a small tip if he offers it. (Guildies or friends are obviously ported for free)
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    I wonder why even people ask for a portal these days when the MoP faction capitals have their own portals for the cost of a HS cooldown. Anyway, it's a buyer's market. Don't like a price quoted move on to the next mage or start making your own way. No point getting worked up over it. Hell, I generally quote ridiculous prices on my mage so I don't get whispered again.

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    I always do free, but I set up the portal they want and Ancient Portal: Dalaran over top of each other. Then its up to luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troolari View Post
    If you order a taxi IRL to the taxi station they will charge you for it, even if they were going the same way. That's just the way it works.

    I mean, are people here going to try to say the taxi should give you the ride for free because it doesn't take them any effort just to let you in the car and keep going the same way? Because that's the same argument I've been hearing.

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