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    Heroic 10 man Will of the Emporer help

    Hello! My guild killed spirit kings last night after about 6 attempts so we are going to be trying Will tonight.
    Our comp is
    Blood Dk
    Prot Pally

    Disc Priest
    Resto Shammy

    Destro Lock
    Arcane / Fire Mage
    Balance Druid
    Enhance Shammy
    Fury Warrior
    Survival hunter

    Now we don't really have any good person to eat the sparks except our hunter and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for delving into this one? Thank you in advance!

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    Warlock can soak with dark bargain, mage can soak with greater invisibility and hunter can soak with deterrence. Having a rotation of Hunter -> Warlock -> Hunter -> Mage -> Hunter -> Warlock -> etc.. should work out for you. Hunters can also soak 2 times in a row with readiness if it's needed.

    Also, druids can soak single sparks with displacer beast, mages can aswell with blink and warlocks can with their demonic circle.

    Looks like you have plenty of options to me.

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    You have enough cooldows with 3 of you members
    Hunter - talented deterrence
    Mage - greater invis/cauterize and ice barrier/temporal blink
    Warlock - dark bargain and unending resolve and portal
    Disc priest can help with pain sup.
    Remember there are 3 rages, 2 strengths and 1 courage per rotation and each rotation is 2.5 minutes apart.

    Edit: What ^ said basically

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    I didn't realize you could soak them with port, displacer and blink! I'll look into that. Thank you for your help!

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