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    Question about DRs for 5.2


    a quick question about diminishing returns for the next patch: did anyone see any info on fears going to be affected?
    I'm just wondering since apparently cyclone will be and I can't find anything about fear. (not trolling just asking)

    Thanks in advance!

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    no changes, the cyclone sharing dr got reverted

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    OK thanks for the answer solf.

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    solf is dead on, but be aware that GC recently has stated that the blizzard team thinks that there are perhaps 2 too many DR schools and they are trying to think of a way to simplify. You know blizzard, it will probably be 3 years from now before anything meaningful comes along but the fact that they were toying with cyclone and they state publicly that they think the whole DR system needs a retune makes me hopeful.

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    Well to be honest I wouldn't mind seeing all cc spells be treated the same way. Why some spells are submitted to DR while other aren't? But let's not go on that slippery slope.

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