Moreso recently my son and I are having black screen trouble with WoW games. I'm leaning it towards it being a driver issue, but wanted to confirm here for any other ideas you folks may have. I'm running a dual screen system. My primary monitor goes black occasionally for a few seconds when playing WoW or D3. I haven't seen this happen in any other game and the timeframe of play doesn't change the frequency or length of the blackout. It only happens on my primary monitor and normal game functionality resumes after a few seconds.

My son has a similar problem when playing WoW and he's working on a single screen setup. He's running a DVI connection to his video card. My primary screen is running an HDMI connection, whereas my secondary monitor is DVI.

He has an XFX Radeon 7870 with the newest AMD drivers. I'm running a modded XFX 6950 2GB (modded to 6970) with the newest drivers. This seemed to have happened more often with the previous AMD driver version and this current driver version.

Our rigs have adequate power supplies and venting. I'm just unsure how to narrow down the cause.