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    Resto Druid or Shaman?

    Hello guys! I've decided to get another healer to max level, for PvPing. Im a 2.2k experienced Paladin and enjoy the style of Paladin with fast casts and shitloads of instantheals.

    Im looking for something similar. I want to level a Druid or Shaman because they both have travelforms, that's one of the main reasons.

    So what should i go for? Positve/Negative stuff to think about? I wan't to play the class who needs the most skill to be good with.

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    Both take a lot of skill to be good. For pvp you prolly will want to go shammy because rdruids cant handle burst damage like shamans can. Druid have a better shapshift as it drops slows and snares but shammies totems are also really nice. rshaman GHW will heal for a shit ton but they are not a very mobile healer where as druids are one of the most mobile healers, but they are mostly hots and lack big heals

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    This is a completely subjective decision. No one can tell you which one you'll enjoy more. I suggest you read through both Druid and Shaman forums and make your decision.

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