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    Warrior tips and Trix

    Hello All,

    Im just getting back for raiding with my warrior after a break.

    And i would like some tips for the new stuff, I know the basics of warrior i just need more info what i should and not should do!
    Im strating out slowly with LFR and Normal modes aswell!

    And does anyone got good tips for Macros, Addons or an Addon Pack?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Use ElvUI and put all your offensive buffs in one macro (for execute spam phase)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RodrigoTxc View Post
    Use ElvUI and put all your offensive buffs in one macro (for execute spam phase)
    no. Don't. Its ok to macro MOST together, but not all. You don't want recklessness in there.

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    ElvUI is ugly and intruding... I recommend either Dominos or Bartender for your action bar though. I use Dominos and it's pretty good, easy to set up.

    For Macros I can recommend the following:


    #showtooltip Bladestorm
    /cancelaura Bladestorm
    /cast Bladestorm
    /run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\LordMarrowgar\\IC_Marrowgar_WW01.wav")

    This will activate Bladestorm with one press, and cancel it with another. It will also play the Lord Marrowgar "BOOOONNEEEESTORM!!!!", feel free to delete that line if you want...

    Shield Wall

    #showtooltip Shield Wall
    /equipslot 16 Onehander (Shift click your 1h weapon here - if TG fury use your 2h)
    /equipslot 17 Shield (Shift click your shield here)
    /cast Shield Wall

    Spell Reflection is the same but replace Shield Wall with Spell Reflection.


    #showtooltip Pummel
    /cancelaura Bladestorm
    /cast Pummel

    Cancels Bladestorm if you're using it and Pummels the target.

    For a burst macro (using Avatar in this example, just swap it out for Dragon Roar or Bloodbath, neither are bad options really)

    #showtooltip Avatar
    /use 14
    /use 13
    /use 10
    /cast Avatar

    It's important to order your trinkets from best to worst, so in this example, I have 2nd trinket first, then 1st trinket (if 2nd is on CD), and then Engineering Tinker. Useful even with trinkets that don't have an on use effect, as you never need to change the macro.

    Use this to just equip your 2h if you want to return to that after using a Shield:

    /equipslot 16 2h weapon

    And for fury:

    /equipslot 16 2h
    /equipslot 17 other 2h

    Intervene Macro (will charge enemies when targeted, and if you target an ally and press it, it will Intervene them, note: replace Intervene with Safeguard if you take that talent):

    /cast [harm] Charge; [help] Intervene;

    Hope these help.

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    I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I couldn't live without Weak Auras.

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    Love the macros btw. I'm thinking of leveling my warrior next and this will certainly come in handy. I was looking for an intervene macro last week when i was alt hopping. Thx for the help Aerodyne. Much appreciated.

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    No probs. It was kinda nostalgic going through my macros actually, because most of them are old and don't work/aren't required anymore - That Intervene macro actually had a castsequence in it with Intercept after Charge, and I used it for Protection spec with the Warbringer talent

    I also recommend an addon called Needtoknow - Actually do not know how I played without this addon before I installed it. Basically you tell it what buff or debuff to track on what target (e.g. Buff on You for stuff like Enrage, Debuff on Target for Colossus Smash), and you can set colours and icons, and it just shows a little bar when those effects appear that diminishes over time.

    Really helps monitor stuff - I originally used it to help me time Rend ticks because I wanted to use back to back Overpowers in Cata, but now I monitor every temporary buff (trinkets, bloodbath etc.) as well as important debuffs like Colossus Smash. I think you can also set it up to show you cooldowns of spells and trinkets, but I haven't used it for that yet.

    For cooldowns, I use an addon called OmniCC which makes the cooldown timers on the the spell icons really obvious and they give you a little sparkle graphic when the cooldown is ready for important stuff like big cooldowns.

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    To be fair macros are really personal preference In pve now to do well get a decent set of buff tracker I would recommend Tell Me When easy to set up very visable. Get bartender for good set up of your bars. Keep track of your enrage procs, make use of CS and time it well with rage so you get the most amount of damage out in the 6 seconds. Depending on fight switch between fury and arms depending on your gear. Thats the basic few things to grasp and if you tell what spec you playing can go over a priority system for dps.


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    You can add sound files to macros!?! If this works you just opened a whole new world for me! /salute Aerodyne

    P.S. Know any websites that lists more of these? (I haven't googled it yet, at work.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aerodyne View Post
    Intervene Macro (will charge enemies when targeted, and if you target an ally and press it, it will Intervene them, note: replace Intervene with Safeguard if you take that talent):

    /cast [harm] Charge; [help] Intervene;
    You dont need to replace it, the macro will run either way.

    My macro's of choice:

    Each of the "Lvl X" macro's will use the selected talent in the tier, and will show the tooltip for the talent once the macro is run (if you want to get it to update without wasting the cd, use the macro while flying).
    Also, wherever it states "lvl60" or "lvl 75" or "lvl90" in the macro, replace it with whatever you name your macro.

    (Note: these macro's can be modified to work with other class talents by replacing the ability names)

    Lvl 60 talents:

    /use Bladestorm
    /use Shockwave
    /use Dragon Roar
    /run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("lvl60", G"Bladestorm" or G"Shockwave" or G"Dragon Roar")

    Lvl 75 talents:

    /use Mass Spell Reflection
    /use [@mouseover, exists, noharm][@focus]Safeguard
    /use [@mouseover, exists, noharm][@focus]Vigilance
    /run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("lvl75", G"Mass Spell Reflection" or G"Intervene" or G"Vigilance")

    This will use Safeguard/Vigilance in a priority of Mouseover > focus

    Lvl 90 talents:

    /use Avatar
    /use Bloodbath
    /use Storm Bolt
    /run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("lvl90", G"Avatar" or G"Bloodbath" or G"Storm Bolt")


    #showtooltip Intervene
    /cast [@mouseover, exists, friendly][@focus, exists, nodead][@targettarget] Intervene

    Will work with either Intervene or Safeguard without having to change the macro. Mouseover > focus > target of target
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