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    Femaledwarf vs SimulationCraft

    Hello everyone,

    I consider myself a casual raider, but that doesn't mean I don't want to squeeze out of my hunter as much dps as reasonably possible, so I constantly sim my char with both femaledward and simulation craft - and other tools also.

    So I went out and simmed my char with both SimulationCraft and FemaleDwarf with all the specs using the same gear and settings. Results as follows:

    BM 104265
    SV 103197
    MM 101627

    BM 105317.84
    SV 99694
    MM 98061

    Now, as you can see SimulationCraft puts all specs close to another with a ~1k dps difference and MM slightly behind (~3k difference from BM), while FemaleDwarf puts BM way higher than both SV (~6k dps) and MM (~7.5k dps).
    Considering I find it kind of difficult to do real-raid testings - I used to run LFR for Gara'jal but it's time consuming, especially when you can't really rely on tanks/healers, and the fight usually lasts less than 4 mins - I'm wondering which of the 2 tools is usually more accurate?

    I'd love to play MM and dump BM, but I can't do that if the difference is actually more than 7k dps, while it wouldn't be much of a problem if it was 3k.

    Edit: I also did some testings with MM gear, by reforging haste to 9% cap > crit > mastery > haste, MM would ain ~500 dps.
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    Thoughts? yes. Those sims are all within 5% or so of each other. If you're a casual raider that difference won't mean anything to your progress and you'll get more by refining your play than worrying about sim differences. Sims are necessarily simplified vs reality. Play what you want, play it as well as you can. 5k dps out of 100k just won't matter in a casual raid context.

    EDIT: Honestly if you want to maximize performance you'll probably switch between two specs depending on fight and whether it's trash or boss. In general, that's probably BM and SV since Marks doesn't seem to have an advantage over the others in a given niche (SV being better AOE and BM being better single target). But if you LOVE MM and really want to play it those numbers tell me that you can do decently with the spec.
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    It's very difficult to directly compare either sim mainly because they have completely different default values. You don't really need a sim to work this one out anyway - The real difference between BM and SV is around 5%, with SV becoming stronger depending on how many targets you can get SrS on. MM is pretty average at everything so you can safely ignore it.

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    Well I do know that playing MM won't gimp my raid (although 7k dps doesn't look that small of a difference to me), I was merely wondering which of the two sims is more accurate. I probably should have been more clear there.

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    From what ive seen, I'd say there both pretty close.
    Even if you get slightly dif results, its still the same overall picture.
    I'd personally use Femaledwarf though, just because it's specifically made for hunter's and ive been using it forever.

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    SimCraft and Female Dwarf are two totally different tools! SimCraft uses simulation were Female Dwarf uses the Formulation Method to get to its result. Comparing their results is like comparing apples and oranges. Use either, to compare different gear setups, reforgings or priorities.
    Now on the topic which specc you should play: Use the one you feel more comfortable with. If you wan't to find out what specc is best for each boss, take a look at Raidbots.com

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