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    Remember what Varian did to Onyxia?

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    wanna talk weak bosses? the only weak boss that really can be mentioned here would be the lich king. he had to be beaten down to kill and then if he had the power to 1 shot your raid? why didnt he at the start?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sac View Post
    wanna talk weak bosses? the only weak boss that really can be mentioned here would be the lich king. he had to be beaten down to kill and then if he had the power to 1 shot your raid? why didnt he at the start?
    Did you actually play WotLK? He clearly states that he was testing the raid, and that we did a good enough job that he decided to make us into the most powerful group of scourge. If anything, it is the best explained encounter in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magpai View Post
    Because if they weren't weak enough to be killed, it would be impossible to defeat them. How fun is a raid boss that's designed to be unkillable?
    Dunno... your statement keeps bringing me back to the little dragonkin and Leroy... and that was pretty damn fun, to me at least.

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    You mean apart from the fact that when we fight him is AFTER hes had a 50 foot hole blown through his chest by the worlds most powerful weapon charged with the power of 4 of the worlds most powerful beings and wielded by the worlds most powerful shaman, and in the actual fight we are assisted by 4 of the worlds most powerful beings who spend all the time infusing us with there power and suppressing him while we hack a couple of limbs off following which he is once again shot with the worlds most powerful weapon ?

    You mean apart from that ? We have similarly huge help for nearly every final boss in the game.
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    Are you exactly sure that is what happened? Hmmm?

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    Because of gameplay mechanics, its that simple. The game would not be any fun if bosses where impossible due to them slaughtering everything that pulls them without a chance to fight them.

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    It's gameplay mechanics blended with lore reasons.

    If this game had the same combat system as Dark souls, then yes, you would have to be very careful on how you approach the bosses.
    However, since this game is clearly not Dark souls nor TERA, it's the gameplay that limits it's encounters more than anything.

    If taken clearly from a Lore only perspective, then yes, Deathwing, Lich King, Kael'Thas and Illidan would all stomp the raiders without much of a challenge.
    But that wouldn't be much of a fun game, nor would it make it any easier to make people "Get out of the fire" as it is.

    It's a niche thing Blizzard decided to stay out of, and for good reason. It would make game balance, latency and hitbox become far more important and difficult to maintain and to make enjoyable for a large audience.
    I love the idea of bosses one shotting you if possible, being punishable if you make mistakes, as they are to some degree in WoW, but it just would not be very attractive to the larger audience Blizzard is seeking.
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    The problem with this game is the epic scale of bosses and enemies. The source of all problems is literally always some kind of ancient evil and never an overly aggressive state or certain third-party politician (like Henselt or Shilard in Witcher 2). Garrosh happens to be an exclusion, but he does all that for the sake of being a mustache-twirling evil rather than to make any sense.
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    Because we always fight old gods and bosses when they are just a shadow of their full strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    Prime example could be deathwing. DW was that massive dragon that caused whole azeroth to crumble and ripped apart landscape with his breath... Then got beaten by couple random guys with swords and stuff who usually are able to hit only dragons feet.
    According to lore he was taken down by Thrall and the dragon aspects not us. Not to mention we needed their assistance or we never would have been able to kill DW alone. The same can be said for most of all the other raid bosses. It does not say that they were defeated by adventurers. If they were to be these all powerful beings we would never succeed in any raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulleedot View Post
    I've never cared much for Warcraft lore (although from the bits I know about, it does seem pretty deep and entertaining), but aren't we all considered great warriors or something? The knights in SW always salute me so I just assumed I was a big deal.
    We are considered some the Azeroth's most finest Heroes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    We are slamming dragons in the face with magically charged shields which glow with the light of the sun, while god like beings are pouring their strength into our very souls. We play super heroes who are essentially friends with gods and demigods and we're taking part in an avatar like cosmic battle for the balance of the universe.
    This is one of the most well-written descriptions of what we are supposed to be doing. People have no imaginations, they obviously can't translate what we're actually doing into a game that people would enjoy playing.

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    We didn't kill Deathwing on our own, we merely poked at him compared to what the aspects and Thrall did (with the Dragon Soul).
    We actually got killed by Arthas and was being ressed as his ghouls when Tirion saved us by breaking Frostmourne.
    On Raggy we got help from 3 very powerful Druids, atleast one of them being a demi-god.

    And if you check at the stuff Wrathion is saying, we're considered the greatest champions of Azeroth (Also mentioned by Arthas when he's about to ress us, saying that Tirion lead the strongest fighting force azeroth has to offer right into his hands).
    So it's not like we're just some random dude with a shield and sword that happened to stumble into the fight.
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    Everyone talks about how powerful Sylvanas is and seems to forget she had her rotting head exploded like a ripe watermelon by a shotgun blast, as inglorious as hunting a deer for dinner. Game mechanics aren't story vehicles. Deathwing is very strong. Sylvanas, for example, isn't. But if Sylvanas could be one shot by a hunter's aimed shot, undercity FTA raids wouldn't be very engaging...

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