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    The fact that he didn't rage on you guys for him dying should have been enough of a sign of contrition, you making a comment simply rubbed salt in the wound.

    I would have left for the same reason. This isn't overreacting, we just don't care about the group. My favorite LFD groups, are the ones that don't talk to each other. I don't even mind if you pull crap dps, just keep up, don't die to anything retarded and lets part company as quickly as possible.
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    I love star wars but I would never have got that reference, also why did you create the thread? He got annoyed and left, he can find another group instantly. This happens all the time when I'm playing but why would I ever make a thread out of it ?
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    meh, what do you expect. people will drop groups at the drop of a hat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzall View Post
    so i've created a few threads in the past about me tanking, people trying to be funny and me leaving when it happens. never thought i'd be on the receiving end of such a tank though...

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    You should have gone with "Do, or do not. There is no try."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punks View Post
    Um Bullshit? I do it all the time. As does my girl. and my guild.
    i do it for satchel!!!
    all hail the satchel cthulu overlord!
    ...ohh wait... minus the cthulu part,
    i que on hakujaden as brm...but i'd not pull groups when healer mana was low or LoS the healer ffs...

    btw OP i am 29 and didn't get the reference off the top of my head
    actually i heal now on glendrider and almost all tanks do have a stuck up attitude lately...

    i don't complain tanking myself, i say gj, then "amazing job dps XYZ beating my damage" only say that about a quarter of the time then ill say gratz to the heals, i didn't have to slow down at all for mana lovely on...
    but complain, unless there is a wipe because
    true story here:
    idiot worgan hunter ran straight through middle of SM cath pulling everything when i had cut to the side to avoid groups...he pulls the entire other side...
    to many stuns...ohh to many crusader strike stuns...and the packs had healers also...ohh god it was bad...

    i complain when people are overly stupid... but in general i don't care that a third of the time i am doing twice as much damage as second place and 5x as much as last, and 90% of the time i am still beating everyone.

    i get annoyed but idc about complaining, i mean I GOT MY SATCHEL who the F more chance at polar bear.... and stonecore mount... last two i really need lol... free flasks on...

    ohh god though i am happy if i even get ONE good dps...omfg so happy, a assassa rogue doing 110k dps the third week of mop...what the... i was so happy and he did it on the rising hate / boss that pulls ppl to side to side with hate bombs of hate-ie-ness.
    and did a ton more overall as well or...which suprised me, the ONE hunter even still that topped my overall and trashed me on bosses...god bless his soul...i believed what people were saying about hunters being in a real bad spot until that.

    complaining for a valid reason sure...complaining in
    Still I cry, tears like pouring rain, Innocent is my lurid pain.

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    Star Wars fans will almost always get the reference, but people who have just seen and even enjoyed the movie but aren't necessarily fans would probably not get it.

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    I'm starting to get the feeling that I'm the only person out there who thinks it's hilarious when a tank leaves because chances are you were almost done and he got screwed out of his valor..

    But I'm a tank so I don't get to experience those lulz very often unless I'm leveling a bullshit alt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ielenia View Post
    Really? You join LFD for the SOLE reason to help completely random strangers out? You go into LFD when Justice AND Valor capped, already clad in full epics, JUST to help random people from random servers? We're not talking new people in your guild, but 140% random players from LFD.

    EDIT: I'm sorry, but it's just *REALLY* hard to believe someone joins LFD to help random people out of the goodness of their heart. Not saying it's impossible, just very, VERY improbable.
    I used to do that a lot on my Alt Tank. I was really geared and I really liked plowing through instances. It was actually really fun to tell people to buckle up and hold on and then basically not stop charging forward until the last boss was dead. I liked putting pressure on the DPS and Heals to keep up. Rarely this would result in a wipe, but most of the time I had more than enough CDs to keep myself going for a couple minutes even with no Healer at all. That shit was especially fun end of expansion. The more overgeared I got, the more mobs I'd pull and the funner it was. I'd seriously do 2-3 times as many runs in a week than were required and I'd do it long after I didn't need the shitty rewards JP and VP gave. That usually didn't take long anyways since I was in a guild who's Alt runs were just as bleeding edge progression as the main runs.

    Technically, I was in it more for my own enjoyment than for some overtly nice desire to help others, but I definitely enjoyed dragging them along for the ride. I also really liked all the Tanking praise I got. The bar in LFG is set really low and so many people really appreciated a good Tank. I used to post all the compliments in my guild's GMOTD as propaganda.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stir View Post
    Either give an argument, or be automatically wrong. Your choice.

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    Dumb people. What can ya do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gephyrophobia View Post
    And there is no reason to be rude. It's not like in Vanilla WoW where the corpse run would take 12 minutes at a minimum, and even then people weren't nearly as hostile as they are now. In truth if I was that tank my feelings wouldn't have been hurt by the comment, and I wouldn't have lost any sleep over it, but it really depends on the rest of the run or how my day in general had went. If it was a bad day, or someone in the run was being annoying, yeah I could see leaving. Tank queues are almost instant. Sometimes it's just more efficient to dip out of the group and get into the next one to avoid a lecture about an instance you've done dozens of times already. Sometimes people get distracted and pull a little too much or overestimate the abilities of the healer. It happens. Sometimes people overreact. Sometimes people just want to avoid an unpleasant interaction and dip out of a group. Happens.

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    I am a tank and most of the times I chain pull everything in sight. Im not the best geared but i have good gear. As a tank i dont complain when i get a group of people that are barely starting to gear up and i outdps them. I don't complain when i get the dps that feel they are tanks and pull everything and then run back to me so i tank the mobs off of them (i've had some dps do this even though we are going fast as it is anyways).

    But when you start complaining or making comments that are not necessary. Im not saying i immediately quit but i might be more inclined to do so if its constatnt. For example i had a hunter on a group that kept saying his back hurts from carrying everyone. He had good gear and he might have been able to solo the instance with his pet tanking, but he chose not to and he got a full group to do it. I dont see the point of comments if its not constructive or beneficial.

    When i do quit a group its not to say "I showed you" cause i really dont care for it, it is mostly because i dont want to continue with the same group. Just like they can find another tank, i can find another group and we all go happy our separate ways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nzall View Post
    now, what's your opinion on this?

    As a tank I que, I get the dungeon done, and that's that. I que again with people still in the group to see if they are interested and if not I leave and go about my business. I don't say anything but "Hi" as we enter and the only time I will leave a group is if the group is poor enough that the time it would take to do anything meaningful would be longer than the possible deserter debuff (Which I have not gotten a few times) would take to time out.

    If I cause a wipe through poor choices or anything I apologize. If some one has something to say to me let them say it. If it is constructive I thank them for the info, though not much can be said anymore that I am not aware of as a tank. If it's rude I just put them on ignore and continue.

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    Nothing that simple would ever make me leave a group, but not everyone(myself included) is going to get a Star Wars reference, lol.

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    Even if the guy didn't know the reference he shouldn't have ragequit like that, there's no reason to get mad about something someone said to you on the internet, I never understood people getting upset over things like this. People tell me horrible stuff and insult me every now and then and I just laugh it off or insult my self for that person's amusement. If I was the tank in that group, and you said that to me, I'd probably just reply with "hehe " and continue with the dungeon.Oh and btw, I didn't know the reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bionics View Post
    People have fragile little egos these days. Being the tank, his ego is very over-inflated. Also, he probably didn't understand the Star Wars reference, which means he can't be much older than sixteen. These three factors combined form one very porcelain ego.

    When he asked "You talking to me?" you should have said, "I take it you haven't seen Star Wars?" He was probably so butthurt at that point it wouldn't have mattered anyways, though.
    I'm 23 and had the opportunity to watch the movies several times but opted out due to not finding it the least bit interesting, so, I would have taken offense due to the rudeness even if it is from some movie. Even if you said a quote from one of my favorite movies of all time and it had something to do with "You're cocky" I'd take it as "You're cocky." Maybe you should say a less rude sounding joke that maybe more people have heard or know of.

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    I've never seen Star Wars and I am 30. Simply because Star Wars is a complicated universe that I felt would be too complicated to get into. If someone said that comment to me back when I played in BC, I'd have been livid. Nowadays, I tolerate much more now that I've more life experience and don't let stuff upset me so easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gephyrophobia View Post
    But I'm a tank so I don't get to experience those lulz very often unless I'm leveling a bullshit alt.
    ... People can level characters that aren't tanks? It's taken me since 3.1 to get my priest to level 57. The Mage has sat in the 20s since 3.2...

    OT: I personally have called "my bad" in that exact situation, got made fun of, gave them shit back for low dps, and we carried on. Did the exact same pull on the way back, didn't LoS the healer, downed it all.

    Back off-T: Since I basically only tank, my fun involves the Control Undead skeleton in Scholomance. At the end of the instance, I walk up to any dps still in the instance and /say "hey i got a present for ya" then as soon as he opens trade or asks what it is, I leave the instance, putting the skeleton in their face and really pissed off. They probably down it or leave, but their (probable) shock amuses me.

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    Well while it is a somewhat well known line in Star Wars, I am not surprised that he wouldn't get it and get upset. I kinda figured out the reference when I read it here, but in a instance where people can be mean to each other that is a different story. While it is a nitpick, you took the quote kinda out of context. As shown in the clip, he says it to Luke when he did something good. Had the tank pulled all that and survived and said "I'm awsome!" maybe there is a chance he wouldn't have gotten so upset had you said it afterwards.

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    Tbh, i've seen all the movies not that far ago (for the first time, i admit), but i still didn't get the reference. After seeing the youtube link, highly disapointed. No wonder i didn't remembered it, as that looks like just totally unimportant, unlike the famous i am your father. On the other hand, im not a star wars fan that prays by it and knows all the phrases they ever talked.
    Back to tank, overreacted? Yes. Did he had a reason? You basically called him good for nothing idiot. Atleast thats what it sounds to me.
    Moral of story, dont joke with tanks or players that are literally boosting you (or their own epeen) as most likely they dont need anything from that dungeon or the run itself.

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