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    Problem with gear in ToT

    So I just looked through the loot tables of the new bosses and I noticed something problematic for ele.

    ALL of the int mail has spirit on it. There was one piece that said random enchantment, though I doubt that will stay that way. Of course the stats on tier gear hasn't been released yet, but this means that ele shaman will have a MASSIVE overload of hit.

    Not only that, but one of the better trinkets has hit on it.

    I seriously hope this doesn't make it to live, as it basically screws over ele shaman in terms of gearing (especially at the beginning of the tier).

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    is it too much that you can't forge out of it?

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    Probably. I've hit that point in the current tier when I didn't have the optimal gear.

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    There are weapons, off hands, rings, cloaks and amulets without spirit. Being a Dranei is going to suck ! :/

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    yeh i've been at 15.35% hit at ilvl 495 with a certain setup of gear, all reforges away from spirit....so ilvl 530...if its all got spirit then we'll be like 18% thats kind of stupid by blizzard, its better for healers to reforge into spirit rather than making all gear have it and we can't even use some pieces because we'll just go over hit cap, like oh cool thats a 250 int upgrade but it has spirit so i'd lose 600 haste and gain 0% hit...derp very annoying

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    All gear is currently in PTR and not final.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerumilas View Post
    There was one piece that said random enchantment, though I doubt that will stay that way
    There are several of those in the loot tables, especially for Plate. My guess is that the random enchantment will be spec-dependent in LFR/Bonus Loot rolls. For Int Mail, I'm not sure if that means you can't get Spirit if you're spec'd Ele, or if it means you'll always get Spirit if you're spec'd Resto.
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Not sure what list you used, but I came up with a preliminary gear list for myself yesterday using the wowdb site, and there are plenty of options for non-Spirit Intellect Mail. Here's a list of all the Int Mail, and you can see that many pieces have no spirit: http://ptr.wowdb.com/items/armor/mai...22&filter-af=7

    3 of the 5 Ele tier pieces have no Spirit/Hit. You can get a level 522 with no Spirit/Hit in every slot except your shield and chest. So unless wowdb is wrong, this shouldn't be a problem.

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