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    Malikath's observation of the virmen and saurok, part-2.

    heres the previous one
    it's taken forever but a spark of imagination ,and half a bottle of honey and turkey, and I'm going to get back on writing these short stories.

    "approaching the brewery me and shin see smoke billowing out of the building along with hozen, and virmin and what can best be described as something from a dwarf's darkest nightmare, a elemental made entirely of spirits.
    slack-jawed by this i ask shin if this was normal of pandarian breweries, to which he responds a stern "no".

    coming closer and aiding what i assume to be the workers at this brewery disperse the drunken hozen and virmen and destroy the lingering brew elementals we discover that that the brewery was worse before another group of outlander adventurers like myself had come through and routed the hozen and virmen forces.

    shin takes interest and shows concern when the brewery worker mentions the group of outlanders.
    after the worker finishes detailing the events leading to this situation shin asks the worker "would you please excuse me and my associate for a moment, afterwards i would like to ask you a few questions?" the worker agrees and goes over to sit on a barrel.

    pulling me aside shin asks me "what do you know of there being others from your land here?" to which i begin explaining who the horde and alliance are and then start into explaining the war between the two factions, all the while shin watches intently, with little change of expression that i could tell from his covered face.
    when i'm done he asks me "do you think you will be able to tell whether or not who these others are from descriptions the workers can give?" to which i respond"i would guess so, the only alliance that would be here are those that were shipwrecked in the first place or those that came with the skyfire, but i wouldn't know much about the horde's regalia".
    shin motions for me to follow him as he walks back over towards the worker who is now drinking from a opened cask, the smell it gives off is light, sweet, and honey-like.
    shin asks him "can you describe the adventurers who came through here before us?" the worker answers "i can't i was trapped in a barrel until after they had left and before they had came, but i think the foreman can" the worker says pointing towards a red-haired female pandaren over towards the entrance to the brewery.
    shin calls her over and repeats his question, she responds "yeah, i saw them they did a great thing helping kick those hozen and virmin out, kinda shady looking though, one was green and very muscular, another was short with this big think beard, another was big tall and looked like a bull, then there was one of them that was blue with glowin' eyes, the last one it seemed like the shadows themselves stuck to them... sorry, but i couldn't make out a thing on that one, the four that i could see were all wearing armor made out of this strange violet-grey metal and violet cloth, with the icon of a hammer on their tabards".
    shin looks to me and i explain" that doesn't sound at all like any group within the alliance or horde, that sounds like they're were with the twilight's hammer".
    shin asks in a slightly annoyed tone "the twilight's hammer, who are they?" i respond " the twilight's hammer are servants of the old gods and allies to those who caused the cataclysm" shin asks about the cataclysm, the old gods, and the twilight's hammer i tell him it will be a long discussion, shin then tells me to explain it as we ride a cart heading to halfhill the big farming town to the east.

    we barter a ride to the farming town from a pandaren with a cart latched to a "mushan" shin tells me, i agree to make him a dress for his wife along the way as payment.

    i explain the cataclysm the massive amount of devastation caused by it, the twilight's hammer and their efforts in helping it happen, the old gods behind it all and finish with the thing that caused the cataclysm itself... deathwing.

    shin is awestruck by the sheer devastation caused by this one being, shin says "i have never heard of anyone so malevolent as to actually want the end of all life and the destruction of the world" continuing shin says "but from what we've heard from the jinyu and your alliance's flying ship ,the "sky-fire" i think you said it was called?" "yes" i tell him.

    shin sighs heavily and looks out of the cart towards the east, he says "well, it looks like we are here".
    me and shin get off the cart and i hand the driver some pieces of jade and a dress i made him along the way that was to be a gift for his wife, telling him" its enchanted to refit its self to who ever wears it" a costly enchantment but the driver also pays me a fair amount of gold coins in exchange for the added enchantment, the fact he assumes im not lying takes me aback, i ask "aren't you going to get it checked? i mean you just met me not 4hours ago"
    to which he responds "its ok ,fella, i trust your tellin' the truth" a response that frankly stuns me.

    i'm starting to like pandaria

    and there we end on this part of the story.
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