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    In a heart of my wife...

    Which place in wow you will choose for your...

    grave if you know you will die soon ???

    Mine will be in house near little girl Pamela in Darrowshire.

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    Such User Name Wow!
    mine will be next to kael'thas, because set back

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    I don't know where I would want to be put in wow, but IRL I would probably want to be put in the forest somewhere in hopes that the nutrition from my decomposed body would some day become part of something living again.

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    Moonglade. The place is just so tranquil .

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    Undercity. I want to come back baby.

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    Are we talking like if Blizzard made some sort of in-game remembrance to us? Cuz I doubt most of us are that important.
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    They could always fill up some of the dead realms with tombstones filled with the char names of inactive players^^
    And change the enviromental settings on these ghost realms or dead realms to have a grey tone and have permanent snow fall.

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    In one of them mass graves Sylvanas is always having raised. I could really go for being Forsaken...

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    Bury me inside the louis store.

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    Nordrassil, Mount Hyjal
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    Tell me! where am i!
    i always thought about that for the day i quit WoW, like a spot for your characters last log out prob right outside stormwind (iplayhorde)
    i live by one motto! "lolwut?"

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    do not care where you put me, ill be dead.
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    I'm fairly certain I could chill inside Frostmourne. Hey! Spirits on the house!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenixdown View Post
    Are we talking like if Blizzard made some sort of in-game remembrance to us? Cuz I doubt most of us are that important.
    Just outta curiosity... What is the point of saying this other than to come off as a smart-ass really?

    Just post where you would want to be buried or move on, no need to make a smart-ass comment...
    Its a random fun thing not like we're all asking for memorials from blizz...


    OT - I would want to be buried in Storm Peaks, or Deepholm.
    They're my two favorite zones.

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    Winterspring definitely. In case I would be able to roam the place as a ghost... I'd like to be there

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    On one of those floating waterfalls in Nagrand.

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    Stuff me in a box and put me wherever; I really have no preference. I'm leaving it up to my family irl, so I guess it'd be their hypothetical choice.

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    Somewhere in Grizzly Hills because it's a beautiful place with great music, probably somewhere at the river. That or the hidden tomb in the rock spire in Orgrimmar with the candle and all that. It's a sad place.

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    It's hard for me to choose. I originally would have chosen the island where the Zandalari were, but since Blizzard had to make them cuckoo (after all that hard work I did to rid them of bad influence!) that's a no-go. Maybe Silithus because of its sentimental value to me due to Shifting Sands. Although, I wouldn't mind haunting being near Vol'jin as a spirit or loa. I've liked him since Warcraft III.
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