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    Demon Hunters: Coming Next Xpac or Not?

    Let's assume the next expansion is centered around the Burning Legion, it's been confirmed and there's no more questions about that.

    Basically, I want some clarity on the community's perspective. How likely do you think it is that they introduce the 12th class as the Demon Hunter next expansion? Going to make it a very simple poll.

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    Personally hope not, kind of a bland class imo.

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    I highly doubt it. If Demon Hunters are introduced, they'll most likely have a different name and feature vastly divergent abilities from what we currently associate with them.

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    No they aren't GC didn't confirm it, but said something about DKs, locks and hunters already filling the gap or something like that. I'll find the twitter post.

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    No, I personally find the class stupid as it requires a certain kind of clothing/weapon type to be recognizable. I think Demon Hunters are the most dumb choice for next class. There I said it.

    I would prefer something more like a Tinker but a new class next expansion both sounds early and we already have too many classes to balance with the recent addition of the Monk class. Just my opinion btw.

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    I wouldnt count on a new class for next expansion, probaly just new races
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    Azshara / N'zoth expansion = Naga as neutral playable race
    Burning Legion expansion = DH as playable class 100%
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    i'd like to see another caster not a fan of demon hunters myself.. though I liked the idea that some 1 mentioned ages ago etherals for a race

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    They could easily make DH, all they have to do is hurp do what they did for DKs.. and say these new DH are a post-illidan version with new ideas.. GG its as simple as that

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    Hope there are no new classes or races coming. Especially a new race is too much waste for me. WoW has enough of them....

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    Why are polls always binary ;(

    Put more maybes in your polls!
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    No, and I highly doubt we'll ever see DHs as a playable class in wow.

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    Nope. Read this thread to see why;

    Only way you'll see DHs in the game is if they give Warlocks a 4th spec.

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    This game doesn't need any more classes. These threads are getting old. Hopefully they become part of the unwritten list of things threads get locked for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skitzy129 View Post
    This game doesn't need any more classes. These threads are getting old. Hopefully they become part of the unwritten list of things threads get locked for.
    Actually the game is missing one more mail-wearing class. At that point I would agree that it doesn't need anymore classes because all the armor slots would be even.

    Of course, Blizzard could add as many classes as they see fit.

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    ....people when you think about demon hunters you need to ignore Everything You've seen Illidan do past about the 4/5 NE campaign mission in warcraft3 when he gets the skull of gul'dan, Meta for example is from the skull which contains demonic energies (hence why it was made a lock ability)

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    I doubt it, even tho i would love to have a Demon Hunter. Actually, I can't believe why Blizzard ignored 7 years of pleas for a DH class, and instead made a Monk class.... anyway.

    A Demon Hunter would have to be unique, in a world where almost every role (dps, tank, heal + ranged and melee) is already filled. The best thing I can come up with is a Mix of Rogue + Warlock + Hunter, making 3 specs, a melee dpser, a melee/ranged caster, and a ranged dpser who shoots arrows (cmon, only 1 class in the entire game can have bows).

    But yeah, a Burning legion expansion would be the best scenario to have a demon hunter class, but they would have to think a lot about it.

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    I would like if people started using other threads to discuss things, you know the other 100 topics on this and new class ideas.


    NO they will not be.

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    GC confirmed not because warriors, hunters, and warlocks cover up what a DH would be.

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    No. They already can't balance existing stuff, adding another spec into the mix makes it even worse. Also, as someone above stated, I believe GC already said most of the core abilities a DH would bring are already in the game with other classes. So not only do I hope the answer is no to this and all other new classes forever, I am fairly certain the answer is no as well.

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