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    Quote Originally Posted by Murdos View Post
    So, it's confirmed the Greatsword of the Frozen Hells is a trash drop? Fuckadoodledoo. :/
    Can't find anything that says it's definitely from a trash drop, just not confirmed where that or bo-ris (the two bis DK 2handers) drop yet... If it's trash then that's a joke o.O

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    Same with Greatsword of Frozen Hells, it'll mean there won't be a single weapon with Haste either.

    I can't find ANY information on it, but we've datamined the location of literally everything else.

    Great, it's another Obsidian Cleaver; just no Firestones to make it worth a fuck. :/
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    As for BiS, I believe that is our BiS list (For DW). Talisman and Spark are the best trinkets by a decent margin. Ra-den chest is probably better than Doomed Crown, but I haven't been bothered to redo the list as I didn't realize it existed when I first made it.

    Trinkets remain the same regardless, and as this is a thread around the Trinkets, it's safe to say that those two are the BiS.

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