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    [elemental shaman] regular sha of fear help.

    i did look at the heroic version 1st thats something completely different. no buffs here..from what i can tell..other than fearless.

    ok..my issue. i am having a ton of issues doing much agianst the boss himself. ill mainly be on adds litterally the entire fight. or running to adds the entire fight. im using my bigger CDs on the gazebo platforms and when i get back theres normally 2 adds up and 1 half dead. what really can i do to max dps?..there really isnt a set group atm..but what is normal are the DK and warrior tanks and the holy pally and resto druid.


    for thoe who wanna see that...relax about the hit rating im a draenei.

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    ok..so no help here then....
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    You may be a draenei, but you're still under hit cap, hit cap is 4759 for draenei.

    That aside, not sure what to say. I dps the sha while I have my fearless buff, and besides that only dps him directly if we're just burning him down, or while running inside to avoid breath or running back to the adds. I use both stormlash and my earth elemental against the sha as well, trying to drop stormlash when everyone is together.

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    Well first off you wanna change those pure secondary stat gems you got in your gear, pure int in red sockets, int + mastery/haste in yellow and int+spirit in blue if you're going for the bonus.

    anyway, CL is sometimes usable on the adds if they ahppen to be close proximity to each other, otherwise it's just FS away and keep the add numbers low, that's pretty much sha normal for you right there.

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    im good now i needed to change a glyph..and yeah after looking i was slightly under hit cap there that really didnt matter as much as you think..but the LB while moving helped me out so much.
    my friend code...

    5241-1925-7760 name toasty

    up for battles ...after 10/18/2013

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