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    Kgpanels-> how to make a complete gradient panel?


    How can i make a complete gradient panel with Kgpanels? Only think i can do is make the background gradient but this dosent apply to the border.

    Here is a link to my UI: http://www.wowuigallery.com/topic/deeu-5
    I would like to split the large bottom panel into 2 smaler ones booth being gradient from margin to center (border included);
    something like this(chat panel): http://www.wowuigallery.com/topic/cynthara-ui

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    Basically you use pictures. You make a gradient the sizes you want and all that, and if you want a border, well, integrate that into the picture.

    It's the only way to do it as far as I know.

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    It looks like you just make a thin panel thats essentially a line and thats your gradient border.

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    Deemaxm, he's using at least 8 separate kgPanels (or litePanels) in that UI, and I'd bet probably 10.

    7 of the visible, and 8 of what I expect the final number us, are to create the gradient border lines (via the method I posted on WoWInterface and yurano linked above ;-)).

    The other 1 visible panel (and 1 that I expect matches it on the other side, but isn't visible in his first pic) create the actual background panels - one on each side.

    Here's the rough list of panels
    4 panels used for vertical lines (2 for each line - one to create the gradient to the top, one to gradient towards the bottom).
    2 panels used for the upper horizontal line (one fading left, one fading right).
    1 panel used for the lower line underneath his chat (since it fades only to one side).
    1 panel used to create the gradient background for his chat (fades only to one side).

    The 2 panels I don't see in his UI - well, on looking at other pics, may not be there, actually. He places Skada/Recount in that location, and doesn't seem to have the gradient background or the bottom gradient line on that side. However, they'd be mirror images of the last 2 panels I listed above, if one used them.

    @yurano, thanks for linking the post on WoWInterface - I didn't even remember writing that one, honestly!
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    Worked perfectly Ty <3

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