<Burn Phase> is a Semi-Hardcore PVE guild. By that we mean we expect our players to take raiding seriously but raid on a more casual schedule of 3 nights a week. We are looking for players who strive for group progression rather than increasing their personal gear score. We are currently 6/6 Heroic Msv and 5/6 Heroic HoF. Since 5.2 is not far off our main focus will be getting Heroic Empress down and as much as we can in Heroic Terrace. Please see below for our recruitment needs.

Server: Bleeding Hollow - PVP - EST
Guild Mater: Vichanic
Schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed 9pm - 1am EST
Current Progression: 16/16 Normal, 11/16 Heroic

Current Recruitment Needs:

-Resto Shaman (w/ele offspec) **VERY HIGH DEMAND**
-Disc Priest (w/dps offspec)
-Holy Paladin

*We will also consider any exceptional applicants of any class

Apply at bpbh.enjin.com or message Vichanic or Dextia in-game for more info.