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    <Unkempt> Silvermoon (1/12 T15, 3/16 H T14) Looking for more Raiders!!!

    Unkempt is a level 25 10-man raiding guild of Silvermoon (1/12 Normal Throne of Thunder and 3/16 Heroic Tier 14). We are always looking for heroic ready gamers eager to contribute to our progression through the new expansion so any class feel free to apply. We also currently have limited recruitment open for other individuals who are looking for a more social atmosphere, to make new friends or those who can't fully commit to the raid schedule but are interested in being an alternate. We're a very welcoming and nurturing guild with skilled, knowledgable, helpful and morally skewed members. For more information please check Raid Info in the forums. BTW, Beware the firing gnome officer!


    Currently Recruiting (ilvl 480+):
    1 Resto Shammy OR 1 Mistweaver Monk OR 1 Resto Druid (and perferably a dps offspec for all three)
    1 Balance Druid
    1 Warlock (any spec)
    1 Windwalker Monk
    1 Rogue (any spec)

    Raid Days:
    Tuesday 5:30-8:30 PST
    Thursday 5:30-8:30 PST
    Sunday 5:30-8:30 PST

    Loot System: EPGP
    EP = Experience Points - earned by killing raid bosses – 45 per night and 15 extra for a new boss kill
    GP = Gear Points - earned by receiving loot - 15 per main spec piece (no charge for offspec)
    EP/GP = Priority
    Priority can be seen with an add on called EPGP (dkp reloaded). This is not a required add on but is the only way to check your priority.
    Every Tuesday there is a 20% decay of EP and GP to encourage high attendance.

    If you cannot make raid or you will be late you must post on the forums! Here are the rewards or consequences for posting late or early.
    24 hours or more in advance will give you 10 EP.
    Less than 24 hours advance will give you .5 GP per hour late.
    If you do not post and you show late you will get 15 GP.
    If you do not post and you don’t show up you will get 18 GP.

    Required Add-ons:

    Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)



    EPGP (dkp reloaded) - optional

    Guild Ranks: As a reward to Raiders with high attendance we have implementedguild ranks with our loot system. Guild rank is determined by perfomance, attendance(EP) and attitude.

    Core Raider Rank

    -Must maintain an EP of at least 500

    - Must be properly geared/gemmed/enchanted/glyphed/specced

    - Must know the encounters and strats

    * Priority on raid invites

    * Free guild repairs

    * Loot priority

    Raider Rank

    - Must maintain an EP of at least 250

    - Must successfully complete the trial period

    - Must be properly geared/gemmed/enchanted/glyphed/specced

    - Must know the encounter and strats

    * Invites according to raid composition

    * Loot priority > Trial/Social rank

    Trial Rank

    - Must be properly geared/gemmed/enchanted/glyphed/specced

    - Must know the encounter and strats

    * Invites according to raid composition

    Alt/Social Rank

    - Must be properly geared/gemmed/enchanted/glyphed/specced

    - Must know the encounter and strats

    * Invites according to raid composition

    There will be about a 2 week trial, during these 2 weeks you will constantly be looked at after each raid. Your combat log reports will be scrutinized; your gear, spec, enchants, gems, and experience will be questioned. Upon completion of the trial period you will be either promoted to raider rank or encouraged to make the changes needed to be a contributer to our team.

    We expect everyone to maintain a 90%+ raid attendance. Missing a raid cause of IRL emergency is fine but "don't feel like raiding tonight" doesn't cut it. We want players who want to raid, who itch to log on to kill some new bosses or grind some old ones and just hang out with the guild.

    Team play:
    It really isn't about you. It's about the team. You need to be the type of person that can take one for the team and sit out for a fight/night, respec or something similar if necessary. Team play is key for us and is something we require. We don't give in to crybabies only thinking about themselves. We want players who understand that the game isn't a single player game.

    You are expected to listen, be fully attentive when assignments are given out for each encounter during a raid. We also expect you to be vocal and acknowledge us when you're assigned a specific task, we don't like talking to ourselves. Each player needs to be able to communicate with the raid to let us know what's important. That means you have a mic and will use it.

    Contact Info:
    Eldreer --- GM and Raid Leader --- Battletag: DoubleD#1398 --- Wisper me ingame.
    Hatauri --- Officer --- Wisper me ingame.
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