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    MAGE - lvl490, looking for 2 day raiding guild.

    Reavsin-Scarlet Crusade

    I have been playing since the luanch of WoW. I am a very experienced raider. I am older now and don't have as much time to dedicate to this game as I use to. I still want to play and believe progression can still be achieved without sinking hours of your life into WoW. I am real laid back and drama free. I know my class well and am willing to transfer.


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    Hi there! After looking at your post and getting an idea for what
    you want in a guild, I feel that we may be a good fit for you.

    About Us
    <Sui Generis> was founded only a few weeks ago by a menagerie of raiders fed up with halted progression and dwindling numbers in their current guilds. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to make the best 10m progression group possible on Madoran-US. Even though we only raid three nights per week, we believe that with the right group of talented individuals, competitive progression can still be made. We are looking for like-minded, talented raiders who want to progress through content as efficiently as possible.

    We are currently 1/6H MSV, 6/6N HoF, 4/4N Terrace.

    Raid times are currently M/W/Th 9-11p EST.

    Loot is handled using a council-based system with the goal of getting the gear to where it will most aid progression.

    Currently Recruiting
    We are currently in need of one healer and one dps to round out our roster. We don't recruit for the bench and expect near 100% raid attendance.

    Death Knight: Closed
    Druid: Restoration
    Hunter: Closed
    Mage: Open
    Monk: Mistweaver
    Paladin: Closed
    Priest: Closed
    Rogue: Closed
    Shaman: Restoration
    Warlock: Open
    Warrior: Closed

    Contact Us
    If you have any questions or are interested in applying please add Kendizzy#1269 in-game.

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    Heya Mike,

    Midnight Sunrise is recruiting, and would be interested in chatting with you. I'm not going tocopy and paste the whole thing, but you can find my whole recruitment schpeal here:


    Check out the thread and hit us up if interested!!

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    Currently 5/16H and looking to add a Warlock to our 25M Heroic Progression roster. We raid a bit more than you were looking for- Wed/Thurs/Sundays from 8-12pm EST but wanted to leave our guild spam in case you were flexible on this. If interested, check out our website for additional information: iloveriot [dot] com

    You can also get ahold of any of our officers in game: Zpriten, Blindeye, Lannistur, Mogster, Shibumi, Grindewald, Bubbles, or Warmlettuce.

    Looking forward to hearing from you =)

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    We are a casual progression raiding guild. We raid 3 nights a week, but do not require attendance to all nights. We are laid back, many of us have families and understand they come before WoW. Our raid requirement is lower, so you will find there's no pressure, but many opportunities.

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    (PVE-EST) Server: Gorefiend
    We're now recruiting for Mists of Pandaria 25-man heroic raiding.

    About us:
    <Riot> has existed since the launch of vanilla WoW. Originally hailing from the Warsong server, we made our move to Gorefiend in the middle of The Burning Crusade, eventually becoming one of the longest standing 25-man raiding guilds on Gorefiend. Our primary goal is to clear the most current content as it becomes available on both normal and heroic 25-man difficulties.

    <Riot> is a hard-casual guild. We have a focused, but fun and friendly raiding environment. We also have a very dedicated leadership and we do our best to maintain a good reputation on our server.


    Mogu'shan Vaults 6/6 25N & 4/6 25 Heroic.
    Terrace of Endless Springs 4/4 25N.
    Heart of Fear 6/6 25N &1/6 25 Heroic.
    Dragon Soul: 8/8 Heroic 25. Savior of Azeroth. Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider (25). (Many dragons)
    Firelands: 7/7 Heroic 25. Firelord.
    Other 25 Heroic: Sinestra, Nefarian, Al'Akir.

    Recruitment Needs:
    We will consider exceptional applicants but are currently focused on recruiting the following classes:

    1 Warlock
    1 Hunter
    1 Ele Shaman
    1 Melee (feral, ret, or monk)

    Evening Raiding Times (Eastern US):

    Wednesday 8 - 12
    Thursday 8 - 12
    Sunday 8 - 12


    The guild's focus is 25-man endgame content. We do not care about 10-man content when a 25-man version exists.
    Must be able to meet the above raid times. 100% attendance is not required, but you must have a compatible schedule. That includes all raiding days. We need dependable raiders.
    Must be a team player. We recruit enough to ensure that we can keep raiding even if someone has to miss a night, so candidates must be okay with the possibility of sitting out on occasion.
    Mains only. No second raid lockout for your alt. And please don't ask to bring your alts to farm content on primary raiding nights.
    No drama queens. Can't emphasize this enough. We like Gorefiend and we don't want drama with other guilds. Don't bring it here.
    We are not a hardcore guild. Yes, we're committed to 3 nights of 25-man heroic content, and we are serious when raiding. We do what we can in that time. We do not add extra days to push content. We do well enough, but we do not stress about server firsts. If this is a problem for you, do not apply.
    Decent 25-person endgame raiding experience required. This includes pre-Mists of Pandaria.
    Decent internet connection required. If you're affected by the recent Time Warner/BrightHouse latency/connection issues, please let us know in your application, as there are ways to circumvent this.
    We use EPGP for loot. ( http://code.google.com/p/epgp/ )
    We use Mumble rather then Ventrilo for raid communication. (http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ ) Please install prior to any tryout.

    If you're interested, please register and complete an application at: http://www.iloveriot.com. Any questions can be directed via website or in-game PM to Zpriten, Blindeye, Lannistur, Mogster, Shibumi, Grindewald, Miasma, or Warmlettuce.

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