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    What now?

    Little background before someone starts screaming "get a life". I work as a trader(forex) from home, every day i spend 12+ hours doing so. This gives me plenty of time to play wow, but unfortunately I can not commit to raiding anymore since there are times that I have to give 100% of my focus to forex. I used to raid and I was in top guild, even managed to have 10/12 top parses as ele before i quit full time raiding(ICC -wotlk).
    So here I am being almost like a casual, only being able to do lfr and some other basic stuff.

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    Start a new set of 11 characters on a new realm?

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    Play the characters and gear them up?

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    I'm sure you could find a raid group that fits your schedule. Just have to look harder.

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    He doesn't have a schedule lol he works 12 hours a day.

    Just LFR all day I guess and pet battles! That's what MoP is about, passing time. i think, I don't have it lol.

    Or realistically you could play another game.

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    Pet battles to pass the time always nice.

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    Reduce the amount you work, by about 50%

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    make lots of money, enjoy the online adventure and enjoy rl adventures more

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