Hi all

I stopped playing a week after the expac was released and have only recently returned and I would love to raid some 5.1 content (and move onto 5.2 relatively quickly)! However, I am faced with that old conundrum; can't pug raid without achieve/gear, can't get achieve/gear without raiding, so I'm looking for a relaxed guild that is happy to bring someone not overly familiar with the fights (but will research the hell out of them) and someone with less than optimal gear. I am reliable, friendly and happy to heal or dps (prefer heals but will gear for both if requested)

I currently play on Saurfang in alliance but will happily transfer realm and faction for the right guild. Ultimately I would like to raid with a friendly and competent bunch who are part of an active and mature guild and I don't mind if it's 25m or 10m (but only have DS experience in 10)

I would prefer a raid schedule of 2 nights (2-3 hours) at reasonable server based times. If you think I'd be an ok fit for your guild, please reply here with your battle tag or in game name and I'll get in touch.