We're looking for one dps. either
  • Spriest
  • WWMonk
  • Mage
  • Rogue

& One healer, either a
  • Rdruid

Could also make exceptions for
  • Skilled Monk Tank


We're zealotry on Aman'Thul. A relatively new guild. Over the first month of raiding we have: Cleared MsV in little over 6 hours, one shot blade lord on progression, cleared garalon in under 3 hours and downed elite protectors in 2 attempts. While we try not to brag we think we are doing pretty well for a team that has just started MoP raiding. Please note we are not over-geared. Average Ilvl of the raid being 484.3 and steadily rising

While we have just finished our first month of raiding twice a week. We have found ourselves in the company of a group of 9 extremely progression focused, smart raiders and bonded as a team well.

We are still looking for 1 or 2 highly skilled dps and one equally skilled healer (possibly one tank) to flesh out the roster/cut the fat. We dont have many skilled players on our realm and are setting our sights on server first progression.

Dps position is CORE for a constant rotation with the other players. Our other tank and healer are still on trial I would be willing to give anyone a shot if they believe they can play better then our current trials - see logs. Healers may also rotate. All positions will have equal raid exposure.

In a perfect world we would also like to have a balanced gear make up. However, as allways... Skill>All

If you are looking for a stable raid environment, more responsibility in your WoW life, a challenge and friends to share success with add me and have a chat

Some quick facts.
  • We raid 6 hours a week. two days a week Wed and Thurs 7 - 10 GMT+10
  • Its still a hardcore environment. We expect players to: min/max two raiding professions, pot, pre pot, thoerycraft, simcraft, ptr test, discuss group composition and strategy, analyse WoL and know BiS
  • Progression focused Loot Council
  • Despite our lack of exposure to the expansion, there is over 30 years of wow experience between the players
  • Multiple Tier three players from WotLK returning to pump content
  • We are organised and efficient
  • We set EXTREAMLY high standards
  • Weekly RBG's and Challenge Modes on Saturdays
  • Player with deadly glad achievements -

We aren't looking for 20+ hours a week in raids grinding out attempts. We want to stress the quality of each and every attempt. I think everyone can identify with that. We have lives, children, wives, university and school commitments, we can't afford to spend time with lower tier players or players with god complexes/players who cause drama. We are looking for team members to become friends.

So drop us a line. We're not shy.