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    Quote Originally Posted by Gouca View Post
    That's sad.. all the huge, although past, work of the developers going wasted when you don't experience even half of the content available for your level. I definitely miss old times, when it took months to cap 60s.
    Most people know all that content, needing months to reach level 60 was bs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zypherz View Post
    At least you had to clear zones back then though :/ And move between zones because you cleared them at times even. Take STV for example - You do the masteries and a dungeon and you're level 30 - Southern STV is nearly as quick, you don't even need to go to booty bay. It's just so fast.
    There are more zones now. If you'd need as long to level as you needed back then you'd be stuck in an endless grind on your way to 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deleth View Post
    Most people know all that content, needing months to reach level 60 was bs.
    To be fair, it worked well in the start of the game when it wasn't 99% about endgame like it is now (not that I really mind).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiteh View Post
    This is without the 5% XP ring from fishing, but otherwise full Heirlooms.

    My leveling times are listed below:

    1-70 - 39 hours (played)

    70-85 - 26 hours (played)

    85 to 90 is a long process, about 30 hours played. Perhaps more.

    Up until 80 I played every DG once to get the quests and hand them in.

    It's about 100 hours /played to get from 1-90 with almost full heirlooms. (without RAF)

    From 80-85 you will earn 1700g from quest rewards and, if you vendor the items it will give about double that.
    Yeah, I think those numbers are pretty accurate. My lvl 73 warlock has 36h, and my lvl 85 druid 58(=+22h)h. From 85 to 90 it takes about 24h with rested bonus.

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    ............ Why did it take so long for you to level.......

    I just leveld a undead monk from 1-90. I had 0 gold but full BoA excluding the ring. I was 70 in 11 hours. 80 in 18. 85 in 25. and 90 in 1 day 13hrs. I will post a screen when home.

    I found mixing quests while also finding rare spawns in old zones made for fast leveling + a few dungeons once in awhile. Ended with 1850g plus a few rares to sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAlster View Post
    ............ Why did it take so long for you to level.......

    I just leveld a undead monk
    That's why it took you no time at all. Monks get a 50% experience boost for 1 hour each day. Unless you did all 70 levels in an entire sitting (11 hours straight), you had a number of boosts to help you along. Of course it will take no time to level a monk.

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    It used to be nearly no time at all for me to level and time flew by, I don't know what it is but since MoP I just can't get motivated, would take me much longer because I lose interest and alt-tab more often than not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angarin View Post
    It took you 39 hours played to go from 1-70? I can hit that in like 12...

    70-85 closer to 8-12 as well.

    85-90 I can see closer to 10-15.

    I went from 1-80 on my warrior right after my guild hit 20 back in cataclysm...and it took like? 24 hours total?

    I'm not sure where your getting your numbers, are you sitting in town waiting for queues? If so are you dps/tank/healer? How many times do you wipe?

    Do you quest on a pvp server? Get ganked often?
    Whatever you are smoking must be some good stuff.. because you are SO out there it's not even funny. NONE of this is realistic, not even close. Nice job troll!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angarin View Post
    Isn't questing faster than dungeons? It was for my warrior and my recent 90 warlock.
    No way.. other way around, EASILY..

    Dungeons I can pretty much start at a level and by the time the instance is over I lvl.. or at least REAL close. Questing involves turn-in, gathering, running around lets not forget competing with others in the zone, so that slows you down.

    Instances > Questing > BG

    Instances by FAR will level you the quickest. I know many many people that have alts didn't do a SINGLE quest beyond 1-15 they did everything via instances after that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by straahd View Post
    I have always said and still say they should get rid of all leveling and make progression based on attunements and progression through dungeons or other means. That would make everything still relevant and would have to see/run everything to advance.
    Yeah.. no. That pretty much defeats the purpose of ROLE playing...... This system has been in place LONG before you were born, son. Sorry people much smarter than you know different.

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