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    Dusting off my Prot specc - Stat weights/gemming/reforging strat

    Fellow Paladins!

    It's time to dust off my prot specc and start tanking. Im not gonna make it in to our main raids for now
    but hopefully do next patch or so. So for now the tank specc will be used in LFR and 5-mans and some CM.
    Please enlighten me. What I've found out is that Haste is king atm. Atm Im in a Cata state of mind (Mastery).
    What should I aim at this level. Haste or Mastery build? The gear I have atm is mostly panda 5-Hcs and 2 piece
    LFR, and some other welfare epics to start with. I got the specc and rotations it's only gemming/reforge strat
    Im looking for. Thx in advance.

    Best regards

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    Not nearly out of the way enough
    I'd recommend reading through the guide stickied at the top of the forum for general Protection information. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in there or create a thread about your question. If you would like people to look at your gear, post your armory link in this thread.


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