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    WW monks and enhancement shamans realppm on the legendary is just retarded.

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    So, that Twitter comment was me. And I'm still happy and SQUEEEEEE about it =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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    Forgot to ask this earlier, chaud. Still combing through all the WoWDB entries for the contest from awhile back?
    Alayea - Enhance/Resto (Main) Lithala - BM Gekkani - Disc/Shadow
    Mathrie - Fury/Prot Mayae - Resto/Bal Elita - Frost/Blood
    Chrystie - Frost Draika - Combat Ioreth - Ret/Prot
    Vexbolt - Destro/Demo Yin - WW/MW Yolis - Vengeance

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    Mods just finished tonight. I'll random winners and send out notifications sometime in the next 24 hours and note it in the news.

    Edit: Yeah, winners later tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zstr View Post
    openraid is fucking bullshit their their times is fucking rediculious, I missed all 3 raids I was queue, so fuck those scrub developers, not gonna use this shit website, and oh those raidleaders u have no achiv so fuck u and stfu we won't take you, coz we want better people to get boosted myself...
    and for pvp u have oqueue addon it work like a charm
    and wtf blizzard 476pvp items with better stats then 491 upgraded?! gg
    and ofc buff mages again..

    ---------- Post added 2013-02-14 at 03:30 PM ----------

    it is 2k of stats already like 3 mounth, l2read hotfixes, it was just tooltip ,which need client patching to change discription on item iteself
    OMG, why hasn't this post been deleted yet, this guy needs a life, a hobby, a meaningful job or something.

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    psh, Goku doesn't need permission to cross realms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ealyssa View Post
    you're welcome
    Thanks but it appears that the .us and .eu sites use the same database. So that 1 PVP event for random BGs (woo!) I spotted earlier is still the only PVP event I'm eligible for.

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    Succubus on the art looks great

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    I was looking for this PvP update and now that I've found it I'm going to post in it so I can remember where to find it again.
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