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    Question Thinking of coming back...

    I played WoW since Day 1 of vanilla (taking short breaks here and there) and pretty much quit during Cata. I'm pretty bored with the games that I have now, no MMO currently (just left RIFT) and I'm thinking of trying WoW again now that MoP is out. What seems to be the general consensus of MoP? Good/Bad xpack?

    Up until WotLK I mained a mage and then went on to a DK (LOVE to solo old content). Now I'm not asking what to play, since I know that's a no no here, but more so I'm asking what's that current state of DKs, Pallies, and other classes that may solo old content really well? I lean towards PvE with a touch of PvP. Again, I'm not asking for people to tell me what to play, but I'd just like to here how some of the classes are doing so I can make my own decision.

    I'd be going horde by the way. I played ally since RL friends played there, but ALWAYS wanted to be horde (I preferred orcs/horde since Warcraft: Orcs and Humans).
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    Only thing I can offer you here is this:

    As far as I know, DK's are still the solo kings, I've got a 90 Blood DK which I have successfully cleared most of ICC 25 HC on, quite easily without too much trouble, if you like soloing then I would stray more towards the DK,
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    Now is a good time to come back, we're about to get a very very large and juicy content patch

    Most people seem to be enjoying MoP, though some are a bit worn down by the dailies. Raiding is in a great place right now, though PVP is a little out of whack. There's no shortage of stuff to do so I wouldn't expect to spend your time standing around afked in Orgrimmar (unless that's what you're into!)

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    It's worth trying at least (IMO). There is so much to do and if you like to solo you may like the brawler's guild, which I was skeptical about at first but really enjoy it. You may get bored again but there is a fair bit to do that I'm sure you'd enjoy yourself for a little while at least.

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    Stop with this fucking threads every god damn day. Just go to youtube. Why not type into the search of "coming back" and you will see a hundred of these threads. Use those and stop making new ones of the damn same shit.

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    Ultimately, the only one who can make this decision is you.

    All you will get from a thread like this are a lot of differing, heavily biased opinions, which is why we usually close them.

    Just look into the features of Mists yourself, maybe check out some videos, and some of the other discussion on this forum.

    As is our usual response, I'm going to close this thread, but wish you the best of luck in finding a new (or old!) game that you love.

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